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Hi! We’re the Roneys. In 2016, we were on our way. After over a decade of studying, Tristin was just months from a PhD in Psychology and his career had already begun as a Clinical Health Psychologist in the Air Force. We had a wonderful little boy and a baby girl on the way. Life really felt like it was coming together!

Then tragedy struck. Out of the blue, Tristin was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and given dire odds. After several months of radiation, chemotherapy, a seemingly endless parade of surgeries, the stressful birth of a beautiful baby girl, and a million other things recommended by his oncologists, we were told the chemo wasn’t working, the cancer was spreading, and Tristin would be highly unlikely to see our daughter’s fifth birthday. Our lives had reached an oppressively dark point.

Fortunately, Juanique comes from a long line of stubborn South African women and she hates being told what she can and cannot do. Being told by the doctors that she could not do anything to help her husband ignited a fire inside of her. She literally ripped the consent forms authorizing a lifetime (or maybe a life sentence) of chemotherapy out of Tristin’s hands and vowed to find answers on her own. They might have given up, but she would not!

What resulted was a deep and powerful transformation that affected every aspect of our family’s life. Juanique got a crash course in healthy homestyle cooking from Tristin’s mom and quickly discovered a natural talent for it. We both dug deep into the research on principles of health and healing and accumulated a wealth of knowledge.

We became experts on several aspects of illness, and not just those related to cancer. We joined the clinic of Juanique’s mother, Cecilia Salvesen, and began offering services in the Utah County area. The more people and health conditions we encountered, the more our knowledge grew, and the better our understanding became about what really matters in wellness.

More importantly, we became reluctant revolutionaries in a war we never knew was being fought. We experienced and watched others experience the nightmare of navigating a health system that is not designed for wellness, but rather for symptom management. We saw how the medical world fails patients while draining their savings accounts and leaving their families heartbroken and financially broken.

Our experiences have taught us that surviving this toxic world requires radical action. We’ve also learned that radical action is much easier with a supportive community, structure, and the right knowledge. To help others in similar situations, we launched the Gutsy Health project where we offer everything you need to become your own empowered revolutionary making radical changes. We truly believe that if enough of us work together we can transform the world into one that heals instead of harms. We hope you’ll join us, discover your own deep healing path, and take part in the gutsy revolution.



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