Meet your team

Juanique Roney

Juanique Roney was trained in massage therapy in 2008 and soon after developed her own unique massage modality that gets results significantly faster. She has expanded her knowledge and abilities to include nutritional counseling and patient advocacy. Having healed herself of severe thyroid disease and helping her husband get through a Stage IV cancer diagnosis, she has become an expert in many areas of health. Juanique is owner of Provo Health Wellness Clinic. 

Gina Worful

Gina Worful is a registered dietitian with a master's degree in human nutrition.  After years of health struggles, Gina sought out highly respected conferences and trainings in functional medicine to learn health outside the conventional model. Gina passionately teaches others how to know, trust, and love their body from the inside - out.

The late Tristin Roney

Tristin is the driving force and spirit guide for the tribe. Tristin's diagnosis of stage IV cancer fueled the last years of his life to educate and advocate for other's health and healing. 

You can still experience Tristin's brilliance weaved throughout the program and on the Gutsy Health Podcast. 

We often find Tristin showing up in rainbows to remind us that he's still around!




Because this is a passion project rooted in honoring the memory of Tristin Roney who inspired this project to begin with. When he was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, he and Juanique felt lost, hopeless, scared and overwhelmed on their journey before they became health experts. And we know we aren’t alone in that feeling. We swore that we would take on this mission so people don't have to feel alone and helpless as we did. We want everyone to feel empowered over  their healing journey. We want everyone to feel confident that that too can heal themselves. 

Our mission is to empower you with the knowledge to understand YOUR body so you can forever make the best decisions for you and your family - whether you’re with us or not. We want to educate you FOR LIFE! We want you to stroll into your doctor’s office feeling confident that you are working TOGETHER on your health because you understand your health. Your doctor should be your teammate, not leading you in the dark.

And we do understand that not everyone wants to learn about their health. Some would rather just trust the answers being handed to them and hope for the best. If that’s you… this probably isn’t the right program. 

But if you’re one of the rare gems that feels the tingle in their heart and the whisper in their soul that says, “This is just not my fate.  Then you are in the right place!