Heal Your Body with Real Food | Interview with Nicolette Richer

Episode 35: Gutsy Health Podcast 

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In this episode of Gutsy Health, we talk with Nicolette Richer. Nicolette has done extensive research with indigenous cultures and diet. She also owns several restaurants serving healthy vegan options and she is a contract worker offering health advice. In this episode, we talk about how food truly is medicine for our bodies. If we can learn to change our lifestyle through diet, we can prevent disease rather than treat it. We also talk about some of the programs that Nicolette runs with corporate companies. Join us for another great episode about how food can heal the real issues within our bodies.

Introduction to Nicolette 0:55
Research 15:30
How to help communities change eating Lifestyle 22:30
Restaurant Business 27:39
Corporate Program 43:16

“We have to respect our bodies, we have to respect our environment, and we have to respect our food.” 39:45


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