Our Story and How You Can Take Control of Your Health | Overcoming Cancer

Episode 1: Gutsy Health Podcast

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Tristin and Juanique Roney talk about the purpose of the podcast and what they aim to do with it. In this episode, they tell their stories about how they got into the health community and why they do what they do. Each of them was able to overcome various diseases and ailments through holistic health and nutritional practices that they researched on their own. They talk about why you don't need to rely on the overpriced medical systems available in U.S. society. Learn how to empower yourself and take your health back into your control. 

0:43 Purpose of the podcast 
2:38 Juanique's story with Graves Disease 
12:58 Tristin's story with terminal cancer 
23:01 A death sentence 
26:10 Taking their health into their own hands 
36:42 Our story is to help empower you

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