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Healthy Food for Children | Parenting for your Children's Future

Episode 15: Gutsy Health Podcast 

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On this episode of Gutsy we talk about how to overcome the obstacles of feeding children healthy food with Katie Baker and Liza. Much of these obstacles are caused by the culture of how we view food. This episode dives into what culture we need to change to be healthy, how to parent to encourage healthy living, and what benefits we can find by doing so.

- Obstacles of Eating Healthy 4:35
- How to help Kids Eat Healthy 19:31
- Liza’s transition to eating healthy 36: 47
- Katie’s transition to eating healthy 43:04
- Techniques that worked with kids 60:47

“They think that what they need is the sugar. They think that what they need is the hamburger…but what they really need is to develop a healthy relationship with good food.”

“[With] my own kids a tactic that was huge was building the trust, introducing the foods in a safe judgment-free (kinda like this is just the norm)."


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