S2E19 - The Future of Healing Through Ketamine


Show Summary: "Ketamine creates the death of the ego. It takes those things you've been keeping alive with your ego and says they no longer serve a purpose."


Cancer patients and their caregivers go through many challenges that lead to psychological problems like anxiety and depression. And the standard talk therapy that happens between patients and psychiatrists isn't enough. In recent years, some people put up Ketamine clinics. But these clinics are just cash cows and still do not help in addressing the psychological experiences that cancer patients and their caregivers go through. 


So in this episode, I am deeply honored to have Krista Andersen, my partner, in putting up our Ketamine clinic. She has been dealing with cancer as a caregiver at an early age since her mom was diagnosed with lung cancer when she was ten years old. Then her sister, and then her. But amazingly, she is now at the stage of moving forward to being in remission. 


Please tune in and listen as Krista and I share with you our shared journey of being a cancer patient and a caregiver and how we will be putting up our ketamine clinic so that we can help more people in their healing journey.


Exceptional Highlights: 


  • Cancer is a very lonely experience. Even if a lot of people surround you, it is still isolating, very lonely, and very helpless.
  • Ketamine helps you see things from different perspectives. You're seeing it from a much higher level; you are not seeing it from a place of trauma.
  • Ketamine therapy can help people with all sorts of depressive disorders: PTSD, addiction behaviors, suicidal ideations, disease, trauma, and end of life. 


Show Highlights: 


Do you think people understand what cancer patients or even their caregivers are going through?


Krista 9:53


  • Until you are in that place as a caregiver or patient, there is no way to understand the experiences fully.


How was your first experience being under Ketamine?


Krista 16:20 


  • In my first few moments of being under Ketamine, my conscious cognitive thought was if this is what dying is like, I would be okay with it. There was a lot of peace. 


Why are we creating our clinic?


Juanique 19:52


  • Because we see these cash cow clinics, and they're just pumping people in and pumping them out. And can you imagine someone starting to have that experience? And it's a very scary experience for them.


Why do you believe in Ketamine therapy?


Krista 25:47


  • I believe that we can revolutionize how these medicines are being used to treat mental health or help improve mental health. 


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