S2E22 - Healing Lyme Disease- Ashley Church's Healing Journey


Show Summary: "Healing isn't a destiny. It's a journey." 

Have you ever had Lyme disease? Or do you know someone who had it? Unfortunately, Lyme is more prevalent than we realize. And some people are not even aware that they have it. Such is the case with our guest for this episode. It took her almost fourteen years to find out that she had Lyme disease, setting aside the daily fatigue and headaches she was experiencing. 


So today, one of my golden babies, Ashley Church, who is now one of our private coaches at Provo Health, is joining us for this episode. She was my note-taker before she finally graduated to become a coach. Listen as she shares her healing journey with us and affirm that healing takes time. Ashley is proof of our mission in helping everyone to be their healing champions as she advises all of you listeners to be your health advocate. 


No one cares as much about your health as you do. So be inspired by Ashley as she tells about her healing journey from having Lyme disease to being a Provo Health coach. 


Exceptional Highlights: 


  • Antibiotics are not the way to attack Lyme disease. 
  • Give your body what it needs to heal you.
  • There's always help; there's always light; there's always hope. For me, it was the hope and the desire to have my future,


Show Highlights: 


What symptoms did you experience that led to Lyme disease?


Ashley 4:39


  • More headaches, and they were pretty constant every single day. I was taking Advil to get through the day every day. Also, having low energy. I couldn't wake up early. 


If the listeners here had Lyme disease and were sitting in consultation with you, what would you tell them?


Ashley 12:50


  • I would probably want to see how severe their symptoms are and what symptoms they have. 


What are cavitations?


Ashley 21:04



  • Cavitations are actually pockets on teeth that hold a lot of bacteria. And they can harbor things like Lyme and infection from when your teeth are pulled. 



Are there any other lessons you feel it's taught you along the way?


Ashley 28:53


  • One thing I would say is, "Never give up." I mean, there were many times when I felt I was done. But I had some amazing support from my family and friends that I never felt I was in a really scary place. 


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