S2E24- Step 1 and 2 of the Order of Healing: Mindset and Mitochondria


Show Summary: “The body has all the mechanisms necessary to heal itself. “


As you embark on your healthy lifestyle goals, you first need to learn how to heal. So, how do you heal to recognize the significance of what health means?


Complete healing is a process, and we created the Order of Healing so you can easily absorb the essence and importance of each step and how these steps are interconnected. 


This series introduces the first and second steps in the order of healing, Mindset, and Mitochondria. 


Mindset is number one over anything. It is phenomenal when you dive into the power of the mind and how it acts as a conductor of the body to create healing. You may not recognize it, but even science can prove that having subconscious thoughts of self-doubt and fear can sabotage your healing process. 


Once you have established a strong mindset, you can focus on the next step in healing, your Mitochondria. If you have no idea what this word is, now is the time to learn how essential it is in your healing process. To give quick hindsight, the Mitochondria are the powerhouse of your cells and are responsible for powering up your body in creating energy that we need in our everyday lives. 


Please tune in to this episode as we deep dive into how you can improve your mindset and learn how easy it is to rejuvenate and produce healthier Mitochondria as you prepare for the next steps in your self-healing journey. 

Exceptional Highlights: 


  • Your body is literally a portal for life.
  • If you have autoimmune disease in your genes, you can turn the genes on and off through mindset and lifestyle changes. 
  • If you want health from a long-term or longevity standpoint, go deep into the cellular level.

Show Highlights: 


How does the energy of self-doubt transmute into a chemical response in your body


Juanique 7:48


  • If your conscious value is, I'm going to heal. But you're not unpacking those thoughts of "I'm not worthy of this, or I'm unlovable" your body is going to create chemicals like cortisol, which is the wear and tear hormone, and it will start breaking down your body. 


Heart Math research shows how thoughts can change your physical body


Gina 11:58


  • Findings show that people who feel fear, worry, and frustration, have very erratic heart rate variability. Their health markers are lower, and their stress hormones are higher. While people who feel gratitude, love, and appreciation have excellent, smooth rhythmic heart rates and have better health markers.


What are Mitochondria?


Gina 18:08


  • Almost all your cells have hundreds to thousands of Mitochondria. And they power up our body and give us energy that creates our lifeforce. 


What heals the Mitochondria?


Juanique 19:09


  • Don't count macros; instead, count micros. Because the micronutrients are what heal and help the mitochondria function.


Juanique 25:13


  • Mitochondria needs Magnesium, as well as 200 other enzymatic functions.

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