S2E25 - Optimizing Oral Health to Optimize Overall Gut Health With Dr. Jim Ellis


Show Summary: “Good oral health is good gut health.”

How often do we consider the relationship between our oral health and gut health? Turns out, that lots of our oral activities affect the nature of our gut health – from brushing our teeth, flossing, and even the kind of food that we eat.

There are also many things to take into consideration: what should we be looking for when it comes to dental products? Are we protected enough? How can we take care of our oral and gut health while being mindful of the impact of these products on our environment?

In this week’s episode, we are joined by our special guest Dr. Jim Ellis, an amazing dentist in Ogden and owner of The Oral Care Club. He shares with us the different chemicals to look out for that are harmful to our teeth, good habits that nourish our oral environment, and the difference between cleaning our teeth versus creating good oral health.

We were also able to talk about the features of his amazing dental health resource, The Oral Care Club, wherein you can browse through his sustainable and environmental-friendly dental products and other brands that truly care about our dental hygiene.

So please tune in and invite as many people as possible, as we take on a fascinating conversation with Dr. Ellis that leads to a positive change in our overall oral and gut health.

Exceptional Highlights:

  • If our oral health is poor, we’re essentially damaging our gut health and our ability to digest food correctly.
  • Cleaning off the gunk is one thing, but nourishing the tissues and the oral microbiome is a great reward all the way downstream.
  • Make the habit of brushing and flossing teeth a family affair to get kids involved so they can enjoy taking care of their teeth.

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Show Highlights:

Aside from brushing and flossing, how else can we contribute to a healthy oral microbiome?

Dr. Ellis 7:45

  • Getting the garbage out of your mouth is number one. But you must also look at your overall health, are there prescriptions you’re taking that affect your salivary flow rate? Are you getting yeast infections in your mouth? Do you have a dry mouth?


Chemicals in our toothpaste are bad for us

Dr. Ellis 6:19

  • Sodium lauryl sulfate is the number one foaming agent found in toothpaste. Big manufacturers put these harsh chemicals in our toothpaste because they’re cheap.

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Dr. Ellis 19:48

  • Titanium dioxide makes things bleach white. You don’t want that. And a lot of toothpaste has artificial sugars like saccharides.

Causes of bad bacteria in our mouths

Dr. Ellis 1 10:03

  • Unnatural added sugars in our daily diet. Bad bacteria thrive in sugar and we’re basically feeding the bad bacteria in our mouth and stomach with sugar.

Dr. Ellis 12:44

  • If you’re constantly snacking and drinking soda most of the time, you might as well just take the teeth out and drop them in the can of soda.

Dry mouth epidemic

Dr. Ellis 13:58

  • Your mouth needs to be wet and moist, otherwise, your tissues are going to dry out and you’re going to get cavities and fragile teeth.

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