S2E26 - How Thoughts Can't Move Energy To Heal. Only Energy Can Move Energy To Heal


Show Summary: “Energy moves through us. Just because we feel certain emotions doesn’t mean it’s us.”


Oftentimes our thoughts create our emotions. And our emotions lead to our moods. And when we put these moods on repeat long enough, we feel like we are stuck in an endless loop and they eventually become our identity. That’s how powerful our mind is.


Everything begins in our minds and our healing journey starts with it as well. Mindset is always number one.


In this week’s episode, we welcome back one of our fantastic frequent flyers in the Gutsy Health Podcast, Britt Lefkoe, to talk about the relationship between our mind and body, and how our mindset is tied to the energy and emotions that flow through us. 


Britt is an exceptional mindset coach. We’ve worked with her in the Gutsy Health Academy and I have personally witnessed her brilliance when it comes to personal development. 


The path to our healing may not always be an easy one. You may also have heard that healing is not linear. But there are many ways in which we can make it a lot more bearable - may it be in the form of positive affirmations, therapy, or medications. 


We choose what’s best for us and luckily, Britt is here with us to guide us on how to bring lightness and empowerment, and create love and joy not just for ourselves, but for our loved ones too. 


Come and join us in this enlightening conversation and sign up for the Gutsy Health Academy to become a health healing champion.


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Exceptional Highlights:


  • Don't ask why emotions are there, because it puts you in an endless story. Rather, question yourself about what to do and how to move forward.
  • There’s a difference between negative thoughts and emotions. There are no negative emotions but there are negative thoughts. 
  • Sometimes our expressions of symptoms are not an actual illness. We’re not as sick and tired as we thought we were.


Show Highlights:


Positive affirmations


Britt 4:11


  • Thoughts do not change emotions. Only emotions can change emotions.


The person we needed as a child


Britt 13:06


  • We have become the person our little self needed and our development has been dedicated to honoring who our little self was. We’ve become that which we didn’t have.

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Fear and anxiety are not feelings


Britt 18:43


  • Unlike sadness, despair, joy, and love - fear and anxiety are not feelings. Those are reactions we don’t know how to feel.


Energy moving through our body


Juanique 23:41


  • As humans, we are not sad. We just have sadness flow through us. These emotions are energy just moving through. And just because energy moves through me, it doesn’t mean it’s me.

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