S2E27 - Healing Through the Gift of Disease


Show Summary: “You will not heal until your mind aligns with your healing. You can only heal if you stop what’s causing your pain in the first place. Never give up hope; you are your best healer.”


**********Trigger warning: Cancer story and suicide ideation.**********


It’s been a year since Tristin's passing, and Juanique is here with us today to share her journey that spans over five years.


It all started when she was 28 years old and 20 weeks into her pregnancy when the world seemed to have stopped revolving the moment they found out that her husband was diagnosed with stage 4 Lung Cancer. 


Throughout those years, she has been nothing but a solid support system for Tristin, her children, and her friends. She carried all the emotional and psychological weight of the situation while refusing to show vulnerability. Not for selfish reasons, but to continue taking care of everyone around her. 


As a trauma response, Juanique buried herself in tons of work and advocacies in helping others on their healing journey. That is until her own body showed signs of many unusual neurological symptoms lately. It even came to a point where she just wanted it to end. Her mind and body shut down which made her stop and slow down. As if her body’s telling her that she has taken care of everybody enough, and now is the time to take care of herself too.


Here in the Gutsy Health Podcast, we always aim to share with you the many ways we can heal ourselves in a holistic way. And Juanique, as brave as she is, stands to be an example that no matter how hard we repress all our pain, we can still recover and create a healing space - not just for everyone that we care about, but for ourselves too. After all, the healing journey begins with us, and only us. 


We hope that by listening to this special podcast episode, you’ll pick up a thing or two and go about your day feeling like you’ve gained optimism and strength to know that no matter how hard your situation is right now, there is always hope. And there is always help along the way. 


Exceptional Highlights:


  • Our body will start to process all the fear, emotions, and things we’ve held on to for so long when it feels safe to do it.
  • Our disease and dis-ease are our internal mirror of the imbalance within our mind, body, and soul.
  • If we can create disease, we can create health. If we can create darkness, we can create light.


Show Highlights:


About repressed emotions for the past six years


Juanique 5:55


  • Because I was trying to protect everyone and make them feel comfortable, there was no space for me to feel my emotions. And as I’ve been going back to work, for the first time I felt sadness for myself.


Trauma response and survival


Gina 12:46


  • You lived in your mind for survival. If you didn’t disconnect from your emotions and physical exhaustion at the time, you wouldn’t be able to survive and take care of your kids and Tristin.


Realizations while meditating, doing EDMR, and Ketamine Therapy


Juanique 13:43


  • By pushing all my emotions down, that’s where I dishonored myself. That’s where I lost myself and safety in this life.


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