S2E28 - How To Get Your Grocery Bill Under Control


Show Summary: “Eating healthy: let’s pop the myth that it’s expensive and hard. Inexpensive healthy meals can be done right with proper skills and knowledge.”


Healthy habits can begin with the food that we eat. And sometimes, we’re daunted by the tremendous amount of tasks before us just to achieve our health goals.


What kind of food should we buy? Where can we access inexpensive organic fruits and vegetables? Are healthy meals complicated to make?


One way or another, we’ve asked ourselves these questions many times, and more often than not, these questions can be intimidating - and then we start to doubt ourselves.


Worry not! Episode 28 of the Gutsy Health Podcast is here to lay down all the recommendations for you to become a meal planning Pro. And it doesn’t have to be tricky. It doesn’t take a lot of work either. You don’t necessarily have to be a Michelin Star chef to create sumptuous and healthy meals for you and your family.


In this episode, we emphasize the importance of meal planning and food prepping, and that leftovers are more nutrient-dense than what we get from big fast-food restaurants. I guarantee you that this will make your meal planning a lot easier and hassle-free!


Tune in to this episode and become an advocate of healthy healing for you and your family. Because shifting away from the mindset that eating healthy is time-consuming and that it takes a lot of work may seem unthinkable but this is the best way to nurture, nourish, and heal our bodies. 

Exceptional Highlights:


  • Information and knowledge about healthy eating are pointless without proper implementation.
  • Changing your health isn’t just about information: it’s ingraining it in your mind, body, and soul
  • Eating is a habit. We need to break old habits in order to create new healthy ones.

Show Highlights:


Food and meal planning


Juanique 7:40


  • Get everyone in your family involved in food prepping and washing fruits and vegetables.

Changing old habits


Juanique 9:10


  • You need to get out of your way to prioritize eating healthy and make a habit of it, just like how brushing your teeth and showering are part of your daily habits. 

Inexpensive healthy food


Gina 23:04


  • The sandwiches that we pick up in coffee shops may seem reasonably priced. But if we replace it with an omelet with spinach and avocado, we will find that those ingredients are much cheaper and healthier than those store-bought sandwiches.


Juanique 24:07


  • It’s not expensive and hard to do. You just don't have the skill set yet.

How is eating inexpensive healthy food related to our health?


Juanique 24:57


  • The amount and effort it takes for us to prepare organic and healthy meals are a lot cheaper than when we get hospitalized and under medications because of an illness that resulted from our neglect of food consumption.

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