S2E30 - The Good, the Bad, and the Health Benefits of Olive Oil


Show Summary: “Olive oils must be single-origin. The land where the olive trees grow should be non-invasive, and the fruits must be hand-picked so as not to damage the quality in the process.”


You've all heard olive oil is probably the holy grail among oils. Not only does it taste good but it's also been proven many times that it has a lot of health benefits. Now, the question is how certain are you that you're getting the good quality ones - considering many large olive oil brands are out there just for profit?


How can you distinguish between virgin and extra virgin olive oil? What are the tell-tale signs that the bottles displayed in grocery stores came from multi-sourced locations? How does a clear olive oil bottle affect its overall quality?


It seems like a lot of stuff to consider just to consume oil, doesn't it?


But when it comes to our health, we should always be mindful of the quality of products that we consume. A little research goes a long way too.


That’s why we're thrilled to be joined by Tony Kasandrinos, the founder and CEO of Kasandrinos Olive Oil. In this episode, we discuss the history of their olive oil which originated in Greece. He also gave us some advice on how to spot a good quality product in our nearest grocery stores and the health benefits that come from it.


So please join us as we discover facts about one of our favorite and most important ingredients in our kitchen, and begin to be a positive healthy influence among your friends and family!


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Exceptional Highlights:


  • The olive oil industry has become one of the largest health and food scams in the past years.
  • Aside from vitamin E, olive oil is packed with polyphenols and antioxidants that are good for our skin, cells, brain, and heart. 
  • Most large olive oil companies source their ingredients from different countries, which creates a less quality product.


Show Highlights:


What’s the problem in the olive oil industry?


Tony 3:27


  • The vast majority of olive oils are not organic and the fruits are sprayed with pesticides. At the same time, you can have high-quality olive oil that was produced, but due to its distribution process and by the time it gets into consumers’ households, its freshness degrades over time.


Preserving the quality directly from the source


Tony 10:42


  • We want to get Kasandrinos Olive Oil to the customer as soon as we can because that’s what olive oil should taste like.


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What’s the difference between virgin olive oil and extra virgin olive oil?


Tony 12:00


  • When a chemical analysis or acidity test is done, anything above point A is virgin olive oil, and anything below is extra virgin olive oil. It can be tested out the day it’s pressed, but the acidity level rises over time.


What should we look for if we’re not getting the product from a direct source?


Tony 13:51


  • Do not get a clear bottle because light, temperature, and air affect the quality of the oil.


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