S2E32 - Biohack Your Way to Healing


Show Summary: “Bioregulators can trigger the body’s healing mechanisms to reverse biological aging.”


It’s a known fact that our bodies can cleanse and heal themselves. But did you know exactly how the mechanisms of our body do just that? 


Peptides and Bioregulator Peptides are types of small proteins and strings of amino acids that help heal and rejuvenate our DNA.


In this episode of the Gutsy Health Podcast, Nathalie Niddam dishes out Peptide Therapy and Bioregulators, and how these helpful compounds trigger not only our body’s natural healing mechanism but also reverse our biological aging. 


Nathalie is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Epigenetic Coach whose passion is to guide people on how these strings of amino acids can help decrease inflammation, aid weight loss, and potentially reverse our natural aging. 


As we go along, we dive deeper into the science of Peptide Therapy and how Bioregulators cross through our nuclear membrane to upregulate proteins in our bodies.


Peptide Therapy is a subject not yet known to many people. But worry not! We are here to guide you all the way so you too can become a citizen scientist, your self-healing advocate, and the CEO of your body and healing process. 

Exceptional Highlights:


  • Peptides and Bioregulator Peptides are proteins and strings of small amino acids that could penetrate our nuclear cells and help upregulate our DNA.
  • Upregulating our DNA is known as rejuvenating and restoring the functions of tissues.
  • One of its (Peptides) functions is to restore the telomere length on DNA.

Show Highlights:


How to administer Bioregulators?


Nathalie Niddam 9:50


  • Bioregulators naturally occur in food. And the bioregulator supplements can be taken orally because they are so small and our body has a mechanism to recognize them.


What organs can benefit from Bioregulators?


Nathalie Niddam 13:12

  • Bioregulators can target and improve the health of specific organs such as the liver, pancreas, lungs, muscles, and bone marrow.


What is the appropriate prescription for Bioregulators?


Nathalie Niddam 19:16


  • The answer is evolving. The oral bioregulators are classified as nutritional supplements because they’re essentially food.

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