S2E35 - How To Expedite The Right Order of Healing


Show Summary: "Outsourcing your health recovery to supplements or treatments, will rarely give you answers. To hasten healing, mindset and nutrition are intrinsic factors that you can control."


Health issues are inevitable and unfortunate events that we face. Coming in forms of brain fog, panic attacks, inflammations, or other chronic diseases, experiencing these can debilitate or slow us down from living our best lives.


And in our effort to bounce back, instead of focusing first on intrinsic, controllable factors such as our thoughts and food choices, most of us search for healing outside through popular supplements or undergoing treatments prescribed by a doctor.


If you’ve been listening to the Gutsy Health Podcast, you know by now that there’s a chronological order of recovery protocol that you must follow. Skipping this may spell the difference in achieving the breakthrough that you need.


In this episode, we’ll reveal why a sound mindset and proper nutrition are of utmost priority, and supplementation and treatment, even though helpful, fall to the bottom of that list.


Optimize and hasten the momentum of your self-healing. Join us and listen to Episode 35 of the Gutsy Health Podcast to learn more!


Exceptional Highlights:


  • Follow the chronological order of protocol to expedite healing. First is the Mindset, second is Nutrition, Supplementation is third, and last is Treatment.


  • To recuperate, you should prioritize sleep and rest because that's when eighty percent of healing happens. 


  • Inflamed bodies are like burning buildings, while Proper Nutrition is the big hose that kills the fire.


Show Highlights:


Direct Effect of Mindset in Healing


Juanique 10:29


  • If your mind is not in alignment with healing, it is going to trigger your body to be in a fight or flight response, which wears and tears your body and creates more disease and dysfunction.


Nutrition as the Primary Source for Healing


Juanique 11:42


  • Nutrient-dense foods like vegetables, leafy greens, fruits, proteins, and healthy fats are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants -  these are the big hoses that put out the fire. 


Supplementation & Treatments as Support to Healing


Juanique 15:17


  • Using the analogy of someone sick, they go to the doctor who prescribes supplementation. Did they talk to you about the big hose of nutrition in the first place? Why would you invest in a small hose of supplementation when the big hoses exist? You tend to outsource your power to supplements and treatments because it's easy, but invest in your nutrition first.


Juanique 27:33


  • If you want to accelerate healing, that's when you incorporate treatments. When starting a healing protocol, most people ask, “How long does it take to heal?”. People get frustrated when they hear 6 to 12 months. if you want to make it a three-month process, you could speed up that timeline with treatments.


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