S2E36 - Makeover Your Metabolism for Weight Loss


Show Summary:


“Weight loss should be easy. Knowing your body's Metabolic Ecosystem allows you to burn fat, even while relaxing and eating the food that you want.


After following a rigid weight loss plan, it’s frustrating to see unsustainable results. Hour-long cardios? Check. Clean eating? Check. Reduced calories? Check. But how come we are not seeing any obvious progress?


Meet our guest, Megan Hansen, a ‘cool dietitian’ that helped 6,000 people drop the fat and find food freedom by repairing their metabolism. Having struggled with bulimia and packing on the pounds, she felt like a fraud. In her search for answers, she found out about the Metabolic Ecosystem platform that she's known for today.


In this episode, discover the six (6) interdependent factors that affect your metabolism rate - yet overlooked by most in the industry today.


Educate yourself and combat weight gain for good. Join us and listen to Episode 36 of the Gutsy Health Podcast to learn more!


Exceptional Highlights:

  • Limiting calorie intake is a lie. Instead, a holistic approach on metabolism is the key behind permanent weight loss.
  • Controlling blood sugar gives you more flexibility in your diet. It supports our hunger and satiety hormones that influence our energy and  cravings.
  • Stress and lack of sleep are major factors that affect and slow down your metabolism.


Show Highlights:


A balanced take on carbohydrates

Megan Hansen 16:52



  • “I’m not anti-carbs in any way. I'm pro-eating carbohydrates with protein, fat and fiber that keep your blood sugar steady.”


Burn calories even on downtime

Megan Hansen 20:43



  • “So lean muscle tissue is the one thing that's going to use our basal metabolic rate. So if you want to increase the calories you're burning per day, at rest and doing nothing, put on some lean muscle tissue by lifting weights.”



Consequences of sacrificing sleep


Megan Hansen 32:43



  • “Sleep deprivation leads to eating anywhere from four to 500 extra calories a day, it affects our stress levels, the way that we're able to manage stress, and how much we live everyday.”



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