S2E37 - The Value of Self-Awareness Thru Psychedelics and Core Energy


Show Summary:

“Renewal starts with the mind. When you understand your Core Energy and the impact of psychedelics for healing, awareness means half of the battle is won already."


‘Energy’ is indeed a meaningful word. A term loosely used around, it can connote different meanings that may pertain to our health, vibrancy, and even abstract ideas connected to the spiritual or ‘woowoo’ realm.


Though the Gutsy Health platform leans more towards science-based advice and findings, we are open to discuss new concepts that push the boundaries of our long-held beliefs, as long as it helps us reach our peak performance. 


Our guest, Lana Pribic, is a certified life coach and podcast host of Modern Psychedelics. She lets us into the two-fold topics of Core Energy and Psychedelics. Having used psychedelics recreationally, she experienced what it’s like to have barriers removed and be connected to her higher self. Later on, she studied at the prestigious Institute for Professional Excellence and Coaching (iPEC) to learn their trademarked Core Energy program.


In this episode, you’ll understand why psychedelics can be helpful, and be aware of your own level within the hierarchy of the seven (7) types of Core Energy.


Is psychedelics something you’d try for self-awareness? Find out and listen to Episode 37 of the Gutsy Health Podcast to learn more.

Exceptional Highlights:

  • Core Energy can either be one of two things. Catabolic is destructive, tearing down, and works against you. While Anabolic is supportive, constructive, fuelling and expansive. 
  • Discovered on the same year as the atomic bomb, psychedelics has become the atomic bomb for the mind. It allows you to see the world in a completely different way.
  • Psychedelics are nonspecific amplifiers. They bring to the forefront your suppressions while tearing down your mind’s defense mechanisms.


Show Highlights:


Origin of Core Energy 


Lana Pribic 3:21


  • Core energy lies as the root of our thoughts, belief systems, and our actions. It’s a default programming from everything as we grew up. Like in a cell’s nucleus - that’s where it all begins.


Beliefs differentiated from Energy


Lana Pribic 4:51

  • Beliefs are not core energy. Your core energy determines whether a set of beliefs are going to hold you back or move you forward.

50% of Change comes from Awareness

Lana Pribic 16:56


  • When it comes to change, knowing is already 50% of the work. We can’t come to choice without awareness and it all starts in the head. 


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