S2E39 - Rising Above The Root Cause of PCOS


Show Summary: 

"If women aren’t ovulating, isn’t it counterintuitive to put them on a pill that reinforces non-ovulation? When they think they’re on their menstrual cycle, it’s not a period but a chemically induced bleed by synthetic hormones.”

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is the nastiest of all hormonal imbalances. Yet in the absence of ovary cysts, doctors would rule it out - even if some of its glaring symptoms like irregular periods, infertility, unwanted weight gain, acne, and chest and facial hair have already appeared. 


And with the meteoric rise of crazy hormonal issues happening as of latter years, it’s easy for women to feel alienated and misunderstood. Pills have been a normal prescription to manage PCOS, but did you know that it disrupts your monthly ovulation cycle and what you’re only experiencing could be ‘fake bleed’?


Our ‘unicorn’ guest, Meg Richici, is a rare PCOS expert who doesn’t only deal with its symptoms - she gets to the bottom of it. Her fascinating backstory of world travels gave her a balanced East and West perspective. Plus, her reveal on the basic cause of PCOS and how it’s mishandled by mainstream medicine is mind blowing.


Let’s put an end to hormonal imbalances. It’s time to heal and understand PCOS by listening to Episode 39 of the Gutsy Health Podcast to learn more!


Exceptional Highlights:

  • Elevated androgen is a hallmark symptom. Most receive diuretics that reduce testosterone but do not cure PCOS.
  • Women with PCOS are at higher-risk of estrogen-related cancers. And if unresolved, it also makes them susceptible to other illnesses. 
  • Hormonal imbalance is a direct result of our bodies’ inability to flush out toxins in our system.


Show Highlights:


How Hormones Affect Our Creativity Cycles


Meg Richichi 12:49

  • When you start paying attention to your cycle, your sense of awareness, creativity and confidence increases. Every month, you have the beautiful opportunity to give birth to something in your life aside from a baby. 


Cumulative Effect of Androgens and Chemical Exposures


Meg Richichi 16:54

  • In the womb, excessive androgen from mothers is passed on through the umbilical cord. And as we grow older, the toxicity buildup from chemicals in our environment blocks the healthy lymphatic flow and drainage in our bodies.


The Connection of Detoxification to Balanced Hormones


Juanique 20:03

  • Parasites harbor heavy metals and plastics. Women who have done cleansing protocols unexpectedly heal their endometriosis and begin to have normal eight-day cycles.


The Red Flags of Infertility and Rough Pregnancy


Juanique 25:23

  • Women who struggle getting pregnant or experience extreme morning sickness are most likely fighting with their hormones and are not getting the support that their bodies need. 


Why Keep Body Mass Index (BMI) below 25


Meg Richichi 39:03

  • One out of three women who exceed 30 BMI level suffer from PCOS and inflammation.

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