S2E40 - Mastering Blood Sugar to Master Weight Loss and Hormones


Show Summary: 


"The pillar of fixing hormones is balancing your blood sugar before you do anything. Even with supplements, if fluctuating blood sugar is not addressed, you will fail because you’re constantly inflamed and not fueling your cells properly.”

Confusing and outdated health advice crowds the industry today. Too much emphasis has been given on limiting carbs, calorie counts and diets. Most certified dietitians also do not understand metabolism, or how fast our bodies burn fat or manufacture sugar into energy that we could actually use.

Stabilizing blood sugar is THE topic that we all ought to talk about. Aside from the dreaded diabetes, did you know the high correlation of unchecked glucose with cardiovascular disease, cancer and other maladies? Also, not to mention that insulin resistance is a huge factor behind stubborn belly fat, excessive food cravings, brain fog, low energy and inflammation, just to name a few.

Gutsy Health Podcast Co-host, Gina Worful, is a blood sugar expert. Imparting knowledge like our bodies’ ‘manual’, her upcoming ‘Mastering Blood Sugar’ workshop empowers us to love and take care of ourselves much better.


Overhaul your life through blood sugar regulation. Listen to Episode 40 of the Gutsy Health Podcast!


Exceptional Highlights:

  • Our ancestors only had five tablespoons of sugar in a year. Average consumption today is about 125 pounds of sugar annually.
  • Avoiding carbohydrates is a myth. There are other factors at play for blood sugar stability.
  • Fix fluctuating blood sugar first to heal a host of other related diseases such as thyroid, hormones and immunity issues.


Show Highlights:


Her roadmap to understanding her own body


Gina 03:23

  • Experiencing ironic health struggles as a dietitian, she discovered gap-filling information that her licensed education never gave her access to.


Eating healthy doesn’t equate to a balanced blood sugar


Juanique 11:12

  • Our bio-individualities must be considered in meal planning because of our unique responses to glucose.


Microbiomes and blood sugar control


Juanique 14:16

  • Having diverse microbiomes in our system is important because it directly affects the way our body handles glucose.


Insulin is the key that opens the doorway to cells


Juanique 22:39

  • When there is too much sugar in the bloodstream, the insulin receptors become tired and defective in accepting fuel for the cells.


Reversing blood sugar damages


Gina 25:06

  • Berberine and Fenugreek are common herbal supplements that improve insulin resistance which replenishes the energy that our cells need. Small hourly movements also help lower glucose levels.


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