S2E41 - How Love Holds Space for Healing

Uncategorized Oct 31, 2022


Show Summary: 

"The heart is infinite. When going through a heavy, traumatic experience, it is easy to shut down your heart and mourn. But since the universe is infinite, you can always try to remind yourself that when one door closes, another one might open. There’s always opportunity for growth and movement.”

“Healing happens” is a phrase we use to remind people that their bodies are capable of miraculous things when given the right tools. But so are hearts. They heal too when given the right tools, circumstance and people. It just takes the right person to come and touch hearts and bring it back to life again.


Today’s episode is a very special one. At the onset, it may seem personal and not health-related, yet since healing is the core premise of Gutsy Health Podcast, we also believe that stories of love are healing for people. Love heals.


So if you have been an intimate follower of Juanique, our guest Ryan Grover needs no introduction. But for all the listeners meeting him for the first time, he is here to share their soul-binding story of opening up, being consumed by love and being a huge catalyst of healing for the Roney family after Tristin’s passing.


Ryan Grover is the CEO, founder and owner of HelpCloud. Before meeting Juanique, he was twice divorced, once a vegan, and has been living a full, athletic life. He also enjoys precious times with his son and longed for a family that he can completely take care of.


Explore the heart’s infiniteness and how it can hold so much space for more love by listening to Episode 41 of the Gutsy Health Podcast!


Exceptional Highlights:

  • The epic and predestined meet-cute story of Juanique and Ryan
  • How it’s possible to love a lost loved one, while opening up for a new one
  • Tristin’s colorful manifestations to the Roney family, even if he’s passed away


Show Highlights:


Tristin blessing Juanique to be happy and find love again


Juanique 09:21

  • Her journey to opening and leaning into her lover's energy, after being in a warrior/magician state of battling cancer for so long. 


Tristin is the invisible force that binds them all together


Ryan 01:05:56

  • Tristin left his illuminated, lifelike presence in his waking dream


Growing into each other while mending the wounds


Ryan 01:16:46

  • Since under the process of becoming one, being aware and responsible of one’s own baggage while offering a solid, reassuring presence helps them heal together


Easing the newfound relationship to the kids


Ryan Grover 01:25:38

  • After a careful period of consideration and transition, the kids have shown remarkable signs of healing by showing a goofier side of themselves


The superpower gift of Grief


Juanique 01:37:36

  • Though reluctant, grief opens up your heart to a deeper, more compassionate love for yourself and others.



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