S2E44 - From Infertility to Becoming a Mother



Show Summary: 


"When you go on a conception journey, your husband becomes invested. I try not to get my hopes up, so I took a pregnancy test the next morning without telling him. Then I jumped on the bed and woke him up because it says, ‘We're pregnant!’

Many couples now face the difficulty of conceiving babies. Along with the textbook PCOS symptoms, the rise in infertility issues has made it an emotionally charged topic among women who desperately need to regulate their period so they can finally get pregnant.


Exactly a year ago, a Gutsy Health member shared the breakthrough of having her period back after being on birth control for 13 years. After trying IVF and other methods with no results, she sought knowledge to heal herself and overhaul her way of life.


Our guest, Katie Vaal, is back. After inspiring listeners on how she spurred her fertility, she now shares the exact steps that she took to become a soon-to-be mom to her firstborn.


Find out more about her journey from struggling with infertility to being an expectant mother. Tune in to Episode 44 of the Gutsy Health Podcast!


Exceptional Highlights:

  • There are many factors that contribute to  infertility such as parasitic invasion, stress and even dehydration
  • Aside from the physical factors, having a healed mind is also the key to complete healing
  • The road to pregnancy can be arduous, but becoming healthier in the process makes it worth taking


Show Highlights:


Trying to get pregnant again after her newfound learnings


Katie 06:41

  • There is no single protocol nor secret, it’s an entire lifestyle adjustment that include Core Cell Parasite cleanse, EVA Band to monitor ovulation, taking the best quality of supplements and following the unconventional advice of other fertility experts


The revolutionary bottom-up approach of Brainspotting Therapy


Katie  15:50

  • By identifying activation spots or ‘discomforts’ as clues, its goal is to bring someone from a state of dysregulation to regulation.


Addressing the underlying, tethered emotions of sadness and anger


Juanique 21:34

  • After the mindset workshops and other modalities, you become ready to repattern your brain. Processing emotions heal triggers and trauma that sever the mind-body connection.


Influential gurus and the “Yes, Please” game


Katie 29:51

  • Realizing the negativity surrounding menstrual cycles to shifting to a positive outlook each time there’s another pregnant woman passing by


When taking on this journey, be intentional and invest in yourself


Katie 39:20

  • You can't just look at someone else to change it, fix it or make it better for you. You have to be willing to learn about yourself and your body because what works for me might not work for you. Rather than being on diet restriction, it’s more of a deliberate lifestyle choice.


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