S2E45 - Empowering Yourself After Covid-19



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"Whether you get the vaccine or natural infection from COVID, the spike protein destroys the blood vessels which causes clots that restrict oxygen flow. Numbness and systemic inflammation occur to critically-high functioning organs like your heart and brain. The immune system also produces abnormal lymphocytes, so you get deranged responses that last for months."


COVID-19 has shaken the world since 2020. Encountering medical cases that were previously unheard of, the future may seem bleak and frightening. And with the threat looming to wreck our bodies in unpredictable ways, prioritizing our overall health is of utmost importance.


Since COVID is a new virus, we are still in the early stages of understanding and having information about it. Therefore, doctors also collaborate and share data from their on-the-ground experiences so they can have an answer for every patient that struggles with weird, post-recovery symptoms.


Our guest, Dr. Elise Mecham, MD, is a plastic surgeon specializing in microvascular reconstruction for breast cancer patients. As a daughter, wife, and mom of five from Utah Valley, she wanted to ensure the health and safety of her loved ones with co-morbidities. Driven by curiosity and personal duty, she relentlessly researches about Covid during her free time.


Learn helpful insights from her as a doctor, including her private protocol and recovery experience from COVID, by listening to Episode 45 of the Gutsy Health Podcast!


Exceptional Highlights:


  • Healthy, normal children are at low risk for COVID because their tiny bodies cannot carry ACE receptors in their passageways and airways.
  • Intermittent fasting between the 14 to 16-hour mark clears spike protein due to cellular turnover.
  • A Utah law protects physicians from using safe, repurposed medications to treat illnesses off-label.


Show Highlights:


The medical dichotomy among doctors


Juanique 03:42

  • The first group of doctors ascribes to a dogmatic and authoritative science, especially from what they learned in medical school. The second group is pragmatic and unafraid to question the status quo when met with conflicting data from the ground.


The COVID-19 definition as a Coronavirus variant


Dr. Elise Mecham 19:07


  • As a common cold or gastrointestinal virus, the COVID-19 version has a specific spike protein responsible for causing microvascular damage to the blood vessels that turn into tiny and massive clots all over the body. 


Science is an ongoing process of discovery and learning.


Dr. Elise Mecham 36:10


  • Everyone’s body is unique. What makes science exciting is there is always something new to learn. When you hear words like 'I am science. We don't question science,' that is when you need to stop, question, and find that information that will make sense.


Ivermectin is a Nobel Peace Prize medication required by the World Health Organization.


Dr. Elise Mecham 51:00

  • Initially developed as an antiparasitic cure for river blindness, recent studies that portrayed it as dangerous used lethally high doses.


Recommended nutritional supplements to help regain the function of affected body systems.


Dr. Elise Mecham 01:10:03

  • CoQ10 repairs cell damage and supports ATP production in mitochondria. The black seed oil capsule is a blood thinner with many other benefits. Vitamin C works best in liposomal format and from natural food sources. Lion's Mane is a mushroom that clears brain fog. AcetylCysteine is much more effective when paired with Vitamin D.


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