S2E48 - How to Eat Healthy During Holidays



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"Let's talk about staying healthy during the holidays. Hopefully, maintaining healthy habits is not overwhelming but fun to do. You are excited to do it for the 'future you'. So when Thanksgiving, Christmas, and work parties come by, you are bombarded with sweets and fun food. What do you do?"


The holidays have arrived. And since 'tis, the season for gatherings with family and friends, equating free-flowing food with happiness and connection seems to be automatic.


This is why extending healthy eating during festivities can be so challenging. Instead of looking at it as a diet or restriction, flipping your perspective on how to make it a lifestyle will make it more sustainable for the long term.


Here at the Gutsy Health Podcast, we teach you the tools and mindset to avoid binge eating, pacify those cravings, and have zero guilt and shame regarding food.


In this episode, we reveal these helpful steps so that the food you eat leaves you satisfied and glowing as you enter the new year.


Stay sane and healthy even during holidays. Join us and listen to Episode 48 of the Gutsy Health Podcast to learn more!


Exceptional Highlights:

  • Living off the diet ratio of 70% healing food and 30% fun food helps avoid the feeling of deprivation and the need for self-indulgence.
  • Have an ideal future self in mind to help you make healthy choices when the moment to decide arises.
  • Supplementing with magnesium curbs sugar cravings because of ATP production and other beneficial enzymatic activities.


Show Highlights: 


Comparison of the effectiveness of the cold turkey method versus the 1% method.

Juanique 06:23


  • Cold turkey is usually effective when a life-threatening situation warrants immediate change. For the general majority, continuously improving in 1% increments offers less friction and stacks up over time.


Couple your healthy chores with your favorite leisure activities.

Juanique 10:29


  • Habits should be easy and attractive. For example, when shifting to a healthier lifestyle, look forward to pre-chopping your vegetables while simultaneously listening to an audiobook.


Overriding your body's chemistry is close to impossible.

Juanique 17:35


  • It's not a question of willpower. Consuming green smoothies or other nutrient-dense meals replenishes your body's nutritional deficiencies, stabilizing your energy and stopping uncontrollable cravings.


Start new traditions and involve the family in your lifestyle change

Juanique 25:32

  • Which celebrations serve and spark joy? Instead of sitting down all night to catch up and gorge on food, starting new traditions like creating ornaments or hosting games encourage interaction and tighten family bonds.


Biological billionaires don't count pennies when it comes to eating food.

Juanique 28:19


  • Biological billionaires who followed the 70/30 rule could afford to eat whatever they wanted without taking a major inflammatory hit. But for those who lived off the opposite negative 30/70 ratio, the Digestion Restoration workshop will greatly help overturn that.


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