S2E49 - The Soul and Science of Healing - Gina Worful's Story



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"If there is anything we would have changed in our healing journey, before going into the body, we would have gone to the emotions and worked on the heart and soul first. Mindset includes being mindful, regulating your nervous system, processing your feelings, and connecting to your body."


As a society, we are hardwired to base our worth on our achievements. Driven daily by motivation and other people's successes, we take pride in overworking to exhaustion. Our bodies beg for pause and rest, yet we cannot sit still, even for a moment.


The mind, body, and soul are created to be connected. And if this connection is severed, like an engine out of alignment, it is only a matter of time before it conks out with weird, uncontrollable issues.


Today we feature our beloved Gutsy Podcast co-host, Gina Worful. As a certified dietitian and holder of a Master's in Human Nutrition, she narrates the story of her traumatic birth and the lifelong impact of that experience imprinted on her body.


Gina has always been obsessed with health through her mom's influence. Coming from a cheerful, tight-knit family, she even formed her identity by building a company with her sister, which, as it turns out, she would leave later.


Such fateful events led to her rock bottom, which also embarked her on an inward journey of identifying the root cause of her troubles and finally having a deeper understanding of the true meaning of wholeness to living a healthy, happy life.


More than just following and researching protocols, know first there is a soul and science of healing. Join us and listen to Episode 49 of the Gutsy Health Podcast to learn more!


Exceptional Highlights:

  • Birth trauma leaves an indelible imprint on a newborn's subconscious, influencing how they will live and cope with life.
  • Stress has become so normalized to the point of numbing us from discomforts and disconnecting our hearts and minds from our bodies.
  • Perceive healing as a lifelong gift where leaning into and listening to your body feels joyful and effortless.


Show Highlights: 


Ask your mother about your birth to know your origin and yourself fully.

Gina Worful 6:51


  • As a newborn, she received 25 needles to draw blood from her tiny body, including two spinal taps where her nervous system was. Her mother cried out of pity after hearing her horrific screams, not knowing that it was her infant daughter experiencing the ordeal.


Unresolved anxieties can become physical manifestations when not recognized and treated early on.

Gina Worful 13:48


  • Built-up stress has desensitized her to the uncomfortable sensations her body was feeling - stiff neck, clenched jaw, tension headaches, and imbalanced hormones.


The psychology of fear and terror is why we betray our bodies.

Gina Worful 24:10


  • Pleasure drives the ego, and it exists on its own. If intense pain happens, it splits from the body for 'self-preservation.'


When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Gina Worful 36:39


  • At the peak of her body raging against her in the form of weight gain and crazy hormones, she crossed paths with her life mentor at a San Diego conference.


Imagine your inner child. As adults, we can identify thoughts or feelings that we previously had no words for when we were younger.

Gina Worful 45:07


  • Close your eyes and shift to a place of curiosity. This action alone is one of the most powerful things you can do to heal. Stay dedicated to understanding yourself more profoundly, and don't be afraid to seek professional help.


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