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"I started working at her second ovarian cancer recurrence, and there's more metastasis. She cried and said, 'My cancer came back because I had chocolate cake at my daughter's birthday.' That was a pivotal moment in my practice, so I said, 'I think it's more important that you focus on the joy of your daughter's birthday and that you enjoyed that chocolate cake."


Confirming a cancer diagnosis can feel like a death sentence. The fear surrounding it, on top of pity and well-meaning suggestions from family and friends, adds to the confusion and stress of the situation.


That is why navigating a clear path to healing can be challenging, and finding a cancer care plan that is compassionate and humane is a breath of fresh air in nursing the patient back to vibrant health.


Our guest, Dr. Bianca Di Giulio, L.Ac., is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Co-authoring a book on Integrative Oncology with her husband, they established two clinics in the Bay Area, California, where the medical paradigms and practices of the East and West are married for a safe, holistic and natural way of healing.


Beat the Big C with a plan. Listen to Episode 51 of the Gutsy Health Podcast to learn more!


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  • Chinese Medicine is highly individualized, where aside from herbs and nutritional advice, recommendations consider a person's habits, lifestyle, and even state of mind and emotions. 
  • Acupuncture is a pivotal gateway toward integrative cancer care. Aside from empirical research based on 5000 years of Chinese Medicine, PubMed also has thousands of studies supporting it.
  • Consuming cold food, especially in the morning, is like taking a cold bomb. It inhibits the absorption and metabolism of food and fluids, which generates the powerful chi energy in the body.


Show Highlights:


Integrative is a beautiful blend of multiple principles, approaches, and therapeutics to optimize health and wellness.

Dr. Bianca Di Giulio 08:56

  • Western oncology requires labs, scans, and blood work to monitor tumor progression. At the same time, it’s translated into Chinese medicine principles and theories, such as asking if there's an emotional component.


Instead of focusing on guilt and shame around unhealthy food, the core of Chinese medicine is balance, and everything should be in moderation.

Dr. Bianca Di Giulio 15:17

  • Overwhelming someone disempowered by a cancer diagnosis with a long list of do's and don'ts only induces cortisol spikes that are detrimental to cancer healing. 


Slowly developed over fifteen years, Acupuncture headlines the six-week formula of her Insight Cancer Program.

Dr. Bianca Di Giulio 29:01

  • By targeting specific acupuncture points in combination with chemotherapy and radiation, the synergy among those points is where the medicine is.


Chinese herbal medicine entails putting together multiple herbs that harness their synergy. 

Dr. Bianca Di Giulio 35:02 

  • Astragalus, or Huáng qí, increases the white blood cells and strengthens the immune system. Danshen breaks down the cells' fibrin barrier to synthesize and potentiate the radioactive component of chemotherapy. Cordyceps offers a protective mechanism for breast cancer patients who receive Herceptin.


Patients who started Integrative Cancer Care at the onset of their diagnosis reported successful outcomes.

Dr. Bianca Di Giulio 42:57

  • Along with the positive physical impact of following the protocol, it has also helped them feel sane and centered as they undergo conventional cancer treatments.


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