S2E54 - Feel Your Way To Heal



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Letting my body feel emotion because throughout this, I tried to not let myself feel it because it was so heavy. And she taught us to just let your body feel it to work through it. And I can feel my body starting to process everything and not hold on to it as a bad thing. This is just a part of my story. And that's okay and it's a beautiful thing. Yes, it's hard. But now that's a part of me.


Your body is your temple. And when it's functioning as expected, taking it for granted, ignoring its subtle signs for help, and altogether shoving its needs aside is a path all too easy to take. Until it gets ugly it catches your attention.


You may not know it yet but your body is doing its best to keep you alive. When you educate yourself and begin to grasp the depth of that sentence alone, you would definitely love and appreciate your body more.


Our guest, Taylor Herrera, is an expert of her own healing journey. After undergoing the ordeal of irregular cycles then two life-threatening ectopic pregnancies, she took matters into her own hands by signing up to the Gutsy Health Membership. Here she shares the amazing support of mentors and fellow members, as well as the profound realizations and breakthroughs she is longing to have for her own body.


Connect and hear what your body is telling you. Join us and listen to Episode 54 of the Gutsy Health Podcast to learn more!


Exceptional Highlights:

  • Ectopic pregnancy happens when the fertilized egg implants itself in one of the fallopian tubes. This is a pregnancy risk because the embryo cannot grow outside of the uterus and it causes bleeding. 
  • Connecting with your body and trusting that it’s on your side is one of the most important mindset shifts you’ll ever make.
  • Emotions develop by the age of seven and this is why talking to your younger self will guide you to address unresolved issues that you had no words for at the time.

Show Highlights: 


Her rollercoaster health journey started with an IUD.

Taylor 02:35

  • Back in 2010, she had an IUD and didn't have problems with it at first.  Overtime, it pinched a nerve and ended up having surgery to remove her appendix. After at least ten years, she and her fiance tried to get pregnant.


The serious agony of forming two ectopic pregnancies in a short period of time.

Taylor 10:35

  • From her first ectopic pregnancy, the surgeon removed her left fallopian tube and left a little horn on her right fallopian tube. So when she got pregnant again, the embryo floated up into that little horn which caused her to bleed.


Being part of the Gutsy Health Membership is the best thing that happened to her.

Taylor 19:44

  • If not for the losses, she wouldn’t be able to know herself and she owes her healing to the support she had inside the community.


Other takeaways from the program that she’ll bring with her forever.

Taylor 24:52

  • Learning different ways to cook food empowered her body to cope with the aftermath of her surgeries.


Your body just needs you to acknowledge, honor and recognize the message that it’s sending you.

Juanique 33:55

  • Normal tendency is to set aside, escape or get rid of negative feelings. Instead, slowing down and just going through the whole spectrum of emotions, thoughts and sensations is what your body needs to heal holistically.


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