S2E55 - Sarah Williams - Her Remarkable Healing Journey



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"After I finished my second liver cleanse, my eczema and acne were completely gone. My hair started growing, and my energy was back. I could get out of bed in the morning and wasn't falling asleep at one o'clock anymore. At last, I could see many significant shifts happening.”


Motherhood can be a lonely and difficult journey, especially if societal expectations bombard women about how they should look and feel. After each childbirth, one may experience extreme fatigue, postpartum depression, chronic yeast infections, thyroid dysfunction, weight gain as well as other ailments.


The harsh reality is that when most mothers seek answers for various symptoms, doctors often dismiss their health issues as normal, and worse, they are not trying hard enough to lose weight. This experience can leave desperate mamas feeling isolated and frustrated, not knowing where to seek help.


Today, our guest is Sarah Williams, one of the pioneer Gutsy Health members. She shares her life-changing journey after committing herself to the initial process of liver cleanse. Giving birth to her third child has caused her to suffer from disruptive changes to her mind and body. And after a heart-wrenching doctor's appointment, she became determined to take charge of her health. 


In this episode, you'll learn how she became an expert on her body by studying how it works and paying attention to its signals. Hence, it is also essential for other moms to realize how knowing their post-birth bodies can be empowering.


Discover how you can love your body for healing. Tune in to Episode 54 of the Gutsy Health Podcast!


Exceptional Highlights:


  • Our thoughts and emotions have a major impact on our physical health, and research shows that there is a powerful connection between mind and body.
  • A decrease of 1.5 points in the Hemoglobin A1C marker is considered significant as it indicates a substantial improvement in blood sugar control.
  • Parasites can change brain function, sex hormone production, and thyroid function, reducing testosterone levels in men and impairing fertility in women.


Show Highlights:


The liver plays a role in regulating blood glucose levels and processing sugar, as well as controlling the immune system.

Sarah Williams 07:40

  • A liver detox helps reduce symptoms such as eczema, autoimmune issues, spikes in blood glucose, and changes in eye size.


Ketamine therapy has drastically improved her relationship with her body, her perspective on weight, and overall wellness.

Sarah Williams 15:22

  • Ketamine alters neurotransmitters in the brain, which may cause visual hallucinations that can help overcome negative thoughts and internalize positive changes.


Aside from improving digestion and elimination, parasite cleansing has other powerful benefits.

Sarah Williams 27:28

  • In addition to producing energy, mitochondria play an essential role in parasite cleansing. Brain fog, anxiety, and menstrual cycles are regulated and become less painful.


The body possesses incredible intelligence that resulted from a billion years of evolution.

Juanique Roney 43:06

  • Hasten your healing by quieting your mind and listening to your body's message.


The healing journey is not linear, so it's essential to focus on your own progress.

Sarah Williams 45:08

  • It’s easy to get caught up in the opinions and advice of others, but be patient and kind to yourself. Trust that you will find the right path. 


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