S2E56 - The Power of Slowing Down - Juanique Roney's Journey to Healing



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"Tristan's death taught me my power. But my illness taught me to be gentle and submissive to what it actually takes to honor yourself and your boundaries. I thought I knew what ease and grace were, but the dysfunction literally disabled me so I could learn my lesson."


Losing a loved one is one of the most painful experiences a person can go through. The emotional weight of watching someone you care about fade away is excruciating and can cause a heavy toll on the body and mind. 


In today's episode, we have the privilege of hearing Gutsy Health Founder, Juanique Roney, share her powerful story of overcoming adversity and reclaiming her health. A year after her husband's death, she felt as though an atomic bomb had gone off in her body, leaving her struggling with a multitude of symptoms, including those similar to Lyme disease, MCAS, Epstein-Barr syndrome, multiple sclerosis, depression, and anxiety.


Despite the harrowing nature of her situation, she refused to give up. Follow along as she pulls the curtain to her recent past and reveals her profound insights after a year of self-discovery and healing.


Draw comfort and inspiration from Juanique’s journey. Tune in to Episode 55 of the Gutsy Health Podcast!


Exceptional Highlights:


  • All disease begins in the gut. The microbiome plays a critical role in maintaining gut health and the rest of the body, and an imbalance can wreak havoc on the immune system.
  • The most self-loving thing you can do is to slow down and ground yourself.
  • Always seek the company of those who uplift you and remind you of your potential.


Show Highlights:


Stress influences gut health, and it is impossible to heal from a stressed state.

Juanique Roney 11:32


  • Despite her tireless efforts to recover, the intense mental and emotional stress manifested in physical symptoms throughout her body.


Taking a proactive approach and a different perspective on healing significantly improved her health. 

Juanique Roney 20:16


  • Hyperbaric treatment, cryotherapy, and HOCATT (Hyperthermic Ozone and Carbonic Acid Transdermal Therapy) proved to be excellent solutions for halting the fast decline of her health.


Kambo medicine provided a powerful reminder to give her body the needed rest and care.

Juanique Roney 32:19



  • When the body is in service to the mind, we get disease and dysfunction. But when the body is in service to the heart and soul, we can experience health, pleasure, joy, love, excitement, and inspiration. 



As women, we live with the societal pressure to conform to the masculine energy of constant achievement and forward momentum, which can be detrimental to our well-being. 

Gina Worful 40:30


  • True feminine power comes from embracing and honoring the natural flow of life, and this can be achieved by being mindful of one's energy and seasons in work and business.


By paying attention to your body's physical sensations and emotions, you can understand what aligns with your true self. 

Juanique Roney 51:19


  • Take a moment to breathe deeply and release any tension in your mind. Then, practice identifying what brings you contraction and expansion in your life, and make adjustments accordingly.


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