S2E57 - Think and Advocate Your Own Way of Healing



Show Summary: 

"This should be a fundamental business lesson for everyone; No matter what people say to you or promise you when they tell you not to bring a lawyer to a contract signing, don't listen. I made that mistake, and it cost me everything. It represented my lack of self-confidence in doing this on my own and my lack of self-love and boundaries.”


Controversy is brewing in the medical industry, and it’s time we pay attention. Finally, the lies and misinformation perpetuated by the so-called "medicinal matrix" are being exposed, thanks to the bravery of a few medical professionals speaking out. 


Gutsy Health Podcast is honored to welcome our guest, Dr. Jess Peatross, a former hospitalist and internal medicine physician turned certified Gerson practitioner and functional medicine expert. 


Frustrated with the modern medical industry's reliance on drugs, Dr. Jess Peatross sought alternative solutions to help her patients heal at the root cause of their diseases. She shares her eventful journey, why she gave up her medical license, and how she heals others without needing pharmaceuticals.


In a world where truth can be hidden behind a veil of secrecy, it's inspiring to see individuals like Dr. Peatross stepping forward to make a difference. By bringing attention to the medical industry’s issues, she is helping create a future where people can take control of their own well-being.


Wake up to your power and innate healing ability. Join us and listen to Episode 57 of the Gutsy Health Podcast today!

Exceptional Highlights:


  • How stepping away from the familiar world of medicine can be daunting, yet taking on the risks of entrepreneurship offers the most potential for rewards. 
  • California Senate Bill 276, passed in 2018, requires all children in public schools to have a total of 72 mandatory vaccine doses.
  • Healing is an inside job. Outsourcing power and knowledge to social media, health professionals, and pharmaceuticals will only create codependency. 

Show Highlights: 


The widespread over-prescription of medication, conflicts of interest with corporations, and disregard for patient well-being plague the mainstream medicinal system today.


Dr. Jess Peatross 03:51


  • Despite Dr. Jess’s concerns, no one else questioned the multiple cracks in the system. This led to her exiting the hospital and practicing integrative medicine and Gerson therapy instead.


Dr. Jess was given a very poignant learning opportunity to step into her full-blown power right after leaving hospital medicine. 


Dr. Jess Peatross 06:19


  • After being lured by former pharmaceutical executives into signing away her successful supplement business venture, Dr. Jess faced two and a half years of legal battle only to lose her company.


Physicians could get their medical licenses revoked for granting childhood vaccine exemptions because of violating SB 276 and spreading misinformation.


Dr. Jess Peatross 17:50


  • A San Diego publication revealed the names of unvaccinated children in the San Diego Unified School System and the doctor who provided the exemption in the guise of safety. 


People are flooding emergency departments because they lack information on improving their natural immunity.


Dr. Jess Peatross 30:07


  • Healthcare providers should advise on vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, zinc, and vitamin D, instead of solely promoting pharmaceutical drugs.


Social media has become a monstrous entity that creates an addiction to external validation, leading to constant information consumption and a lack of self-reflection.


Dr. Jess Peatross 46:49


  • Embracing your own identity and being comfortable in your own skin is the key to true healing.


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