S2E58 - Tapping Into Our Body’s Wisdom Through Medical Intuition



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“My body had grown a benign tumor. I had been reading Deepak Chopra’s ‘Quantum Healing’ about healing our bodies with our minds. When my doctor advised removal, I said, ‘Do you mind if I try to get rid of it with my mind?’. I went home and visualized scrubbing it away. In two weeks of doing that, the tumor shrunk by half. My doctor wigged out. That experience taught me what the mind-body connection is all about.”


There is no denying that science has made remarkable strides in helping us understand our bodies’ inner workings. However, despite this wealth of knowledge, we still struggle to grasp the complete picture of our health and wellness.


Missing pieces in our current healthcare system cannot be resolved by scientific knowledge, integrative functional medicine, and energy work alone. Enter medical intuition, which bridges the gap between science, heart, and soul.


We welcome Wendie Colter to the Gutsy Health Podcast, a Medical Intuitive and Founder of the Practical Path who shares her expertise on this transformative approach to healing.


We'll examine the evidence supporting this intuitive system, explore its role in healing, and discover how it can enhance all healing modalities.


Learn to harness this essential skill for optimal health.  Listen to Episode 58 of the Gutsy Health Podcast!


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  • Medical intuition is the art of listening to your body's wisdom. By paying attention to your physical sensations, emotions, and energy levels, you can make smarter decisions for your health.
  • We are all born highly intuitive and energetic beings but tend to sublimate and ignore this gift as we age.
  • Anyone can develop a mind-body connection by learning to tune into their own thoughts and bodily sensations.


Show Highlights: 


There are different types of intuitive skill sets, but the most common for highly sensitive people is clairsentience, the ability to feel the emotions of others.


Wendie Colter 04:09

  • Nurses, in particular, are so clairsentient that they quickly pick up on the collective energy of the room they’re in and act on it, which can sometimes be overwhelming.


Medical intuition is not a healing modality or a medical intervention but rather a foundational skill that can be used to support all forms of medicine.


Wendie Colter 11:50

  • Using this skill set, individuals learn what their bodies are telling them and work in partnership with their healthcare team to create a better path to health.


Bias is a big issue in healthcare, where doctors and practitioners often look through the lens of their training and miss important factors.


Wendie Colter 18:54

  • There must be a crossover between integrative and conventional medicine to achieve peak healing, and medical intuition shines best at this intersection.


Trained medical intuitive are highly skilled at accurately identifying the health problems of their patients.


Wendie Colter 39:30

  • Colter's study found that students who completed her Certification Program had 94% accuracy in identifying primary health problems, 98% in describing life events, and 93% in connecting life events to health problems.


The body has its own consciousness and does not respond well to fear.


Wendie Colter 45:07

  • When we become too cerebral about our healing, our body suffers. In our sickness, our best approach may be to slow down, reduce mental load and simply listen to what our bodies need.

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