S2E93 - Getting Through Infertility - A Gutsy Health Member's Real Life Story


Show Summary: 


“The journey of infertility can be traumatic, but with the right mindset, lifestyle changes, and a holistic approach, you can heal. By taking inspired action, seeking support, and learning step by step, one can navigate the journey more effectively.”


Are you struggling with infertility and feeling lost in an emotional rollercoaster?


Are you yearning for answers while drowning in information overload?


We understand, and we're here to help restore your hope and control.


In this replay, we revisit one of our most loved episodes: our interview with Katie Vaal, an inspiring member of the Gutsy Health Academy. After hitting rock bottom, Katie bravely traversed the storm of infertility and found her path to healing and empowerment in just one year. Tune in to discover the transformative changes she made in her nutrition, environment, and mindset.


Whether it's for you or someone you care about, share this episode with loved ones needing a life-affirming story. Listen now and always remember healing is within reach.

Show Highlights:

00:00 -  Episode Start 

02:27 - Katie's experience of coming off birth control after 13 years and six months of unsuccessful attempts to conceive

04:27 - The emotional toll of infertility on women, including feeling like a burden to a spouse

07:12 - Experiencing a double whammy of finding out about endometriosis after being previously diagnosed with PCOS

12:47 - Feelings of inadequacy and self-blame during the fertility journey, especially after multiple failed IUI cycles and a negative IVF experience

14:05 - Lifestyle changes Katie made after realizing her childhood exposure to endocrine disruptors

14:57 - How being exposed to inflammatory foods and chemicals in youth can contribute to inflammation, leading to hormonal imbalances and menstrual irregularities

15:58 - Why putting young women on birth control only mask the problems of infertility

18:09 - Katie's turning point from feeling utterly helpless to finding hope through the podcast

33:23 - The connection between thyroid and gut health, which may be related to fertility issues

36:39 - Why taking personal responsibility for your health  is so crucial rather than relying solely on external sources like doctors and medications

42:25 - The importance of open communication and reframing negative thoughts in the healing process

48:28 - What it means to slow down and drop into your body

49:46 - Letting go of timelines and plans for conceiving as well as finding peace and contentment in the present moment

52:55 - Radical self-respect, setting boundaries, and prioritizing self-care


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