S2E95 - Healing The Unhealable- Updating Childhood Beliefs That Made You Sick with Britt Lefkoe [Replay]

Uncategorized Dec 20, 2023

Show Summary: 

“So much of what I see in illness is we don't trust our bodies because we don't trust ourselves. Once we trust ourselves, life becomes so much easier.”


Do you ever wonder why you seem to get sick so often?


What if I told you that sickness may actually be serving a purpose, and you have the power to use your mind to create the neurochemicals necessary for healing?




Tune in to this replay episode as we revisit our conversation with the brilliant Britt Lefkoe. She empowers high-achieving individuals and businesses to overcome limiting beliefs for success. In this episode, we explore the fascinating world of subconscious programming and its profound effects on our bodies and lives. Learn the impact of childhood environments on our adult perceptions, the significant role of self-compassion in the healing process, and the importance of fostering emotional intelligence in children. 


Ready to break free from limiting beliefs and create a healthy inner environment for your body to heal? Listen to Episode 95 now! 


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Show Highlights:

00:00 - Episode Start

03:19 - Britt Lefkoe's expertise in identifying and overcoming limiting beliefs that prevent us from understanding ourselves

04:15 - Incorporating both emotional and intellectual components to her unique coaching style influenced by her father's approach

08:33 - Why it's important to understand how our brains and bodies work and how this impacts our upbringing and child-rearing

11:57 - The concept of trauma loops and how they were pivotal in Tristin's journey toward self-love

19:56 - Understanding our strong attachment to illness and how subconscious beliefs affect our views on health

23:59 - Taking responsibility for our own well-being and how it can challenge conventional beliefs on illness creation

25:51 - The role of self-compassion in the healing process

26:40 - How our emotional brain often interprets external events as our own fault because of our subconscious mind

30:25 - How childhood interpretations can lead to feelings of unworthiness despite growing up in a loving environment

34:27 - The significant impact of our upbringing on shaping how we perceive the world

38:32 - Balancing self-reflection and curiosity in children to nurture their empowerment while preserving their innocence

44:57 - Acknowledging the time and effort required to help children process their emotions

53:35 - How the fear of failure and perfectionism can impact our health and well-being

1:01:20 - Becoming a mirror of self-love and self-adoration through the Gutsy Health Podcast

1:03:07 - Details about the Healing the Unhealable four-part course

1:13:00 - Granting yourself permission to go on this journey of self-discovery and healing

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