SE23 - How to Reverse Diseases Using Food


Show Summary: "Don't be content with being sick. And don't ever give up." 


Have you ever felt like giving up on your sickness or life? If yes, then don’t!


There is a way, and we are here to tell you that you don't have to waste your time, money, and medicines to get well. Instead, you can reverse your disease through food.


Coining the term "nutritarian" and publishing 12 best-selling books aside from his medical practice, our special guest, the amazing Dr. Joel Fuhrman, shares with us that proper diet indeed is the cure for all diseases. Would you like to get rid of your diabetes and high blood pressure and get back to your ideal weight? Would you like to live a long, healthy life as possible? You can do it!


With all the advanced research, we can live longer and healthier. And Dr. Fuhrman shares how we can achieve this goal. So please tune in to our latest episode so that you can be a self-healing champion. 


Exceptional Highlights: 


  • When you take drugs, it's just these short-term gains but long-term deficits.
  • The nutritional calorie density of your diet is a major factor affecting your health.
  • It's a big process and art to motivate a person to change their diet. 


Show Highlights: 


How did you realize that nutrition is the way to go if people want to find healing?


Dr. Fuhrman 5:20


  • I found that out before I went to medical school. I was dating this woman who went to medical school and said that if I'm so passionate about this, why don't I become a doctor myself?


What are you seeing in the literature in the research these days around health and nutrition?


Dr. Fuhrman 26:56


  • The most surprising finding in the scientific literature is that more plant protein in the diet extends the human lifespan and slows aging. And more animal protein accelerates aging and promotes cancer.


Can you tell us something about your nutritarian philosophy?


Dr. Fuhrman 27:33


  • A diet that has a sufficient amount of green vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds, and other vegetables, of course, is the basis of a nutritarian diet. 

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