Mastering Blood Sugar

The Key to Weight Loss, Energy, and Balancing Hormones

4 - Part Masterclass Series



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Are you tired of struggling with stubborn weight loss, hormone issues, or low energy and brain fog?

Hey there, 

Have you ever felt like you're in a tug of war with your own body? 

It can feel really disheartening if you've been trying to diet and yet it feels like you're hardly seeing any progress. 

I often see people counting calories, following food rules, and tracking their intake, and yet their weight still doesn’t seem to budge.

They often are running on fumes and hit a low energy slump around 3pm, creating that ravenous snack attack. 

When night time rolls around, they can’t quite seem to sleep well or they wake up feeling unrested. 

More often than not, their hormones are a rollercoaster, leaving them moody, hangry, and not like themselves. 

With this uphill battle, it can be really hard to feel excited to make a change.

As a registered dietitian for over eleven years, I’ve seen many people...

  • on low calorie diets but still feel like their body is¬†resisting weight loss‚Ķ.
  • taking handfuls of supplements but can‚Äôt seem to make progress with¬†their¬†hormone, fertility, or PCOS¬†issues‚Ķ
  • or wake up feeling groggy and unrested, hit a mid-day¬†energy crash¬†and crave sugar or carbs, and just can‚Äôt fall asleep or stay asleep at night.¬†

One common underlying problem with the above situations is blood sugar issues.

What's blood sugar?

Blood sugar is a name we give for the amount of glucose in your blood (more scientifically known as blood glucose). It’s your body’s main fuel source.

Blood glucose imbalances over time can lead to insulin resistance, which is the most common health disorder. 

Insulin resistance is known as the "silent killer" because we can go many years overlooking the warning signs, such as mid-section weight gain, a fat pad on the back of the neck, skin tags, low energy or brain fog, and tiredness after eating - just to name a few, until it progresses into a diagnosed disease. 

Insulin resistance alters the body's metabolic function, the cellular processes for fat development, and brain alterations that influence appetite and food intake. 

Insulin resistance due to prolonged blood sugar issues, is the root of many chronic diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, autoimmunity, cancer, and accelerated aging. 

Why do most people struggle with stubborn belly fat, hormone swings, and inflammation?

It's all about blood sugar balance.

Imbalanced blood sugar contributes to...

  • An inability to lose weight¬†
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Infertility and PCOS
  • Mid - section weight gain
  • Labs not optimal (glucose, hemoglobin A1c, cholesterol, triglycerides,¬† hormones, thyroid)
  • Feeling tired after eating
  • Craving sweets
  • Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
  • Poor focus, memory, anxiety, and depression

Taking your health back. 

While these health signs and symptoms can feel a bit alarming, there's good news. Blood sugar imbalances and insulin resistance are almost always reversible.

If you’re struggling with any of those above, this is the live masterclass you have been looking for.

In this masterclass, I walk you through the steps to confidently balance your blood sugar, without a restrictive diet. 

The Mastering Blood Sugar course gives you the science based framework to improve your metabolism and natural energy - without a restrictive diet.

Instead of fighting with restrictive diets, balancing blood sugar strategies give you the confidence to have a flexible and healthy lifestyle, while feeling satisfied, taming sugar cravings, and improving the body's ability to use fat stores more easily.

What makes this program different from most blood sugar programs?

Instead of just giving you a food plan, we address the 3 most important factors that are often overlooked:  

1. Getting to Know Glucose and YOUR Body: learn how to identify glucose fluctuations in your body so you can real time know what your unique body needs and how it communicates to you.

2. The Food Framework: get the science behind choosing foods in specific combinations so you can balance blood sugar - without a restrictive diet. This is all about making it easy, keeping it delicious, and personalizing it to YOU! 

3. Improve Metabolism From a Cellular Level: it's not just about the food that we eat to balance blood sugar... it's about getting those cells sensitive to turning your food into energy, instead of storing it as fat. We dive into the molecular mechanisms of metabolism and improving its function from a cellular level. 


Our Philosophy: 

We believe in teaching people the science of health, while guiding them into a deeper relationship to their own bodies. Instead of conventional diet plans that require counting, numbers, and restriction, our unique approach teaches flexible frameworks for eating while teaching them how to listen to their own body's communication.

We want every student to be able to thrive in their own sovereignty with their health and food choices and learn how to get in tune with and cultivate a deeper relationship to their bodies! 

When blood sugar is balanced, you feel like YOU again. 

When blood sugar is balanced, you start to feel like YOU again. WHY? With blood sugar stability you can get off the hangry - fatigue rollercoaster and feel in tune with what your body needs. 

Imagine waking up in the morning feeling well rested and ready to start your day. You feel calm and confident knowing how to make healthy food choices, so you don’t need to stress about too much planning or willpowering your way through every meal.

Making food choices in the moment feels natural and at ease.  When you finish a delicious meal you feel fully satisfied and content, without getting snacky or ravenous cravings throughout the day.

And the efforts you put in for eating healthier and exercising are finally paying off. The work you put into your health feels so rewarding because your body is responding.

With balanced blood sugar you’re able to sustain good energy all day long and drift into sleep throughout the night.

You and your body are now working together!

Here's what previous students had to say about the class:

Survey results from our last workshop:

82% said this workshop will help improve their energy.


70% said this workshop will help with weight loss.


70% said this workshop will help with food cravings.

83% of students said this masterclass exceeded their expectations.

And, we're proud to show that not a single student said that this course did not meet their expectations. :)

"After years of struggling with getting control of my health, I finally feel empowered! I understand my body and how it works with glucose and energy much better. And most important I have tools to move forward!

Gina is an excellent teacher and full of up to date information and science. Thank you Gina!"
- Katie

"I loved the Mastering Your Blood Sugar course! I learned so much about how the body works all the way down to a cellular level. I learned how many things can affect blood sugar and how I can implement strategies to repair my metabolism and become more metabolically flexible and insulin sensitive.

So much good information in this course!"

"Gina does a fantastic job at breaking down the science behind how blood sugar works and how we can stabilize our blood sugar levels.

She gives plenty of time for questions every session and is so generous with the information and resources available. She presents the info in an easy-to-understand way even if you haven't done a deep dive into the science behind it.

Highly recommend this workshop!"
- Alyson

"This was almost Mastering Blood Sugar for Dummies. I appreciated that Gina was considerate of everyone's knowledge level in the class. She clarified a lot of concepts that I did not understand. Excellent information and delivery of said information!"
- Sarah

"I really appreciated the way Gina broke down and simplified these topics. This class was so enlightening! She made it easy to understand. I hope we will continue to have ability to access the notes so that I can continue to reference this information."
- Kara

"This class helped me understand glucose really easily. She was great to explain when we had questions!! She was great!! The meal ideas will help with reversing my insulin resistance. Thank you for putting this together!"
- Laura

What the course is going to look like:

Session 1: Getting to know blood sugar and your imbalance type 

Tuesday, Aug 22nd: 5:30 - 7pm MT 


  • Getting to know blood sugar
  • How imbalances contribute to obesity, cardiovascular disease, hormone imbalances, infertility, PCOS, thyroid dysfunction, gut issues, mood disorders, and food cravings
  • Identifying your blood sugar imbalance to personalize it
  • Root causes of¬†hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia¬†
  • Q & A

Session 2: The food framework to lose weight + optimize health - without a restrictive diet

Thursday, Aug 24: 5:30 - 7pm MT


  • The Food Framework to balance blood sugar - without¬†a restrictive diet
  • Personalizing it to your body: determining the best food framework for YOUR body
  • Exploring specific foods and products¬†so you¬†can love what you eat and honor your body
  • Intermittent fasting: helpful or harmful?
  • To snack or not to snack?
  • Navigating alternative sweeteners: the latest research update on safety of artificial sweeteners, stevia, monk fruit, and allulose¬†
  • Q & A¬†

Session 3: Bringing the Science into Life

Tuesday Aug 29: 5:30 - 7pm MT


  • Neuro - Hacking Blood Sugar, Cravings, and Hunger with Abe Al-Baba
    Guest speaker and neuro sports performance specialist Abe Al-Baba teaches physical techniques utilizing applied neuroscience for improving blood sugar. 
  • The Stress, Blood Sugar, & Binge Eating Connection

      Struggling with food cravings? We break down the connection between sugar cravings, stress, and emotions that cause over eating and binge eating.  

Session 4: Revving Up Cellular Metabolism

Thursday, Aug 31: 5:30 - 7pm MT


  • The science of cellular metabolism & mitochondrial health: how cells turn sugar into energy vs. fat
  • Improving metabolism and breaking through weight loss plateaus¬†
  • Research review: nutrients and supplements to improve blood sugar and metabolism
  • Building confidence with labs:¬†knowing which¬†labs to ask from your doctor
  • Biohacking your body:¬†accessing a continuous glucose monitor (without a prescription) to get real time data¬†
  • Open Q & A for personal support

Featured Recipes:

Because we believe the path to health should be delicious too!

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Disclaimer: This is not medical advice and does not diagnose or treat a disease. Please consult with your physician before implementing any of the information provided. Some supplements may interact with medications and should be advised by your practitioner.


Meet Your Instructor

Gina Worful, MS, RD

Gina is a registered dietitian and master of human nutrition with extensive training in nutrition and blood chemistry. She has worked with world renowned health centers and international societies consulting with celebrities, professional athletes, and well-known leaders. Gina is founder of the Mastering Mindfulness Institute and partner in Gutsy Health.

Featured Guest Speakers

Abe Al-Baba

Certified exercise physiologist and neuro sports performance specialist. Abe is author of the book Fuel Your Performance and founder of the company and app 3 in 1 Elite. 

Tracy Duhs

Modern wellness advocate and hydration expert Tracy Duhs is the founder of two naturopathic clinics, author of the book Hydrate, and host of the top podcast Hydrate. 

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Disclaimer: This is not medical advice and does not diagnose or treat a disease. Please consult with your physician before implementing any of the information provided. Some supplements may interact with medications and should be advised by your practitioner.