Why do most people struggle with stubborn belly fat, hormone swings, and inflammation?

No one ever told them it's all about blood sugar balance!

Imbalanced blood sugar contributes to...

  • An inability to lose weight (especially around the midsection)
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Labs showing elevated cholesterol, high blood sugar, or inflammation
  • Feeling tired after eating
  • Craving sweets after eating

If you’re struggling with any of those above, this is the live virtual masterclass you have been looking for.

Why you haven't "cracked the code"... yet.

As a dietitian for over ten years, I've seen women come in with similar frustrations...

She comes in and sits in front of me feeling hopeless and depleted. She’s trying to do all of “the things”… eat her banana for breakfast, try to squeeze in a morning workout, juggle the kids, and keep the pets fed. She’s putting in so much effort to get her body back into shape but her body won’t budge and her hormones are taking her on a rollercoaster ride. She feels trapped in a body that doesn't feel like it's her own anymore.

What she doesn’t know, is that blood sugar spikes promote belly fat storage and hormones imbalances. It doesn’t matter how much you work out or what supplements you take… if you don’t get your blood sugar balanced, your body will hold onto belly fat and hormones can run wild.

The secret is NOT in cutting more calories or working out harder... It's in strategically eating to stabilize blood sugar and insulin and encourage your cells to burn the sugar you eat more effectively. 

Here's what we teach you in the course:

Session 1:  Getting to know blood sugar & your body

  • What blood sugar is and how it impacts your ability to lose weight, have energy, and balance hormones
  • Getting to know YOUR body and blood sugar imbalances
  • Open Q & A for personal support

Session 2: The Food Framework

  • The food strategy to balancing blood sugar, without giving up desserts or feeling deprived
  • Determining what YOUR body needs to be an efficient fuel burner 
  • Specific foods and food products to support stabilizing blood sugar and loving your way to weight loss and health
  • Hot topics: should I intermittent fast? Snack? How many meals per day? 
  • Open Q & A for personal support

Session 3:  Optimizing Cellular Metabolism

  • Key nutrients and supplements that impact your metabolism and blood sugar metabolism
  • Building confidence with labs: knowing which labs to ask from your doctor and how to access a continuous glucose monitor (without a prescription and under $120) to feel empowered in your health
  • BONUS: Neuro Hacking Blood Sugar, Cravings, and Hunger: guest speaker and neuro sports performance specialist Abe Al-Baba teaches physical and neuro science for improving blood sugar.  
  • Open Q & A for personal support

Session 4:  Integrating the Science into Your Life *New addition this year!!

  • How stress and sleep impact blood sugar and how fat deposits around the waist
  • The connection between emotions, blood sugar, and binge eating
  • Balancing the gut microbiome to reduce sugar cravings and support blood sugar
  • Open Q & A for personal support


Dates: October 17, 20, 24, & 27

Time: 4:30 - 6:30pm PT 

*All recordings provided in case you are unable to make the live classes 

Survey results from our last workshop:

82% said this workshop will help improve their energy.


70% said this workshop will help with weight loss.


70% said this workshop will help with food cravings.

58% of students said this masterclass exceeded their expectations.

Here's What You're Going to Get:

Total Value: $2,919


Get this entire workshop plus the bonuses + recordings for $300

Early Bird One Time Payment: $247

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Disclaimer: This is not medical advice and does not diagnose or treat a disease. Please consult with your physician before implementing any of the information provided. Some supplements may interact with medications and should be advised by your practitioner.

Meet Your Instructor

Gina Worful, MS, RD

Gina is a registered dietitian and master of human nutrition with extensive training in functional nutrition and blood chemistry. She loves teaching people how to feel empowered in mastering their health. Gina is also part of the Gutsy Health team!