Digestion Restoration Course 

More people have digestive problems today than ever before.

Digestive dysfunction is one of the fastest growing epidemics and colon cancer is about to jump from the 3rd most prevalent cancer to the 1st in the next 5 years!

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Are any these symptoms a little too familiar? 

  • Joint pain

  • Muscle pain

  • Headaches

  • Indigestion

  • Chronic bowel issues

  • Inability to lose weight

  • No energy

  • Food Allergies & Intolerances

  • Autoimmune disease

Did you know :

Digestive dystunction is a massive epidemic of the 21st century.  9/10 people have digestive issues and antacids are one of the most prescribed drugs to date!

The gut is to the body what the roots system is to a tree - if the roots rot and die, the tree dies. 

HOW it works, WHY it malfunctions and HOW fixing it, could be one of the most empowering and important steps towards healing you could ever take.

What if I told You... 

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The Digestion Restoration course is offered through 5 segments

Four Live online Zoom classes and one at-home study 

What your course is going to look like:

September 26th, 6pm MT

Foundations of digestion and how dysfunctions start 


  • How stress dysfunction of your nervous system drastically impacts digestive health
  • Anatomy and physiology of your digestive organs
  • Menu plans designed to help heal digestive issues

September 29th, 6pm MT

Fixing your Upper Digestion: ulcers, heartburn, digestive aids 


  • Understanding why supporting your upper digestion is the holy grain to healthy absorption
  • Supplements and protocols to heal and support upper digestive issues

October 3rd, 6pm MT

Fixing your lower Digestion: Microbial imbalances,
Immune dysregulation, Gut infection Vs Gut Restoration      


  • The role of your microbiome and immune function
  • Things that destroy your microbiome
  • How to rebalance your microbiome once again   

October 6th, 6pm MT

SIBO, IBS, IBD, Crohn's Disease   


  • Understanding more advanced stages of digestive dis-ease
  • learning protocols to help reverse them
  • Foods and menu plans that help with these issues

If you are ready to  learn what it takes to heal your digestive tract, make sure you take this course to heart.

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Included In This Course


  • Aromatherapy for Natural Health and Beauty Book
  • Eight 2-hr sessions course with Cecilia 
  • Lifetime Access to all content and Video session
  • Discount code for purchases on Honestly Essential 
  • Certification
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About Your Coach 


Juanique Roney was trained in massage therapy in 2008 and soon after developed her own unique massage modality that gets results significantly faster.

She has expanded her knowledge and abilities to include nutritional counseling and patient advocacy.

Having healed herself of severe thyroid disease and helping her husband get through a Stage IV cancer diagnosis, she has become an expert in many areas of health. Juanique is the owner of Provo Health Wellness Clinic. She is currently in a Master of Nutrition Therapy Program and is passionate about teaching people how to become Nutrition Superheroes and self-healing advocates.

You are on your way to becoming a gut healing expert!


I learned from Juanique that I can change the environment in my body with proper nutrition, I can prevent my body from developing more illness and I can help it heal! Severe bowel illness in an otherwise healthy female is not normal. No victim mode here, just empowerment over my body's ability to heal.      



Gutsy Health has helped me transform my life. When I discovered it, I was battling severe autoimmune disease. I was tired and in so much pain that I was lucky if I could do one small thing per day.  I learned that I CAN HEAL MYSELF I was able to implement everything at the right pace for me . Things that I used to think were hard or impossible are now so easy that I don't think about them. I have been in this process for about two years now, and while I'm still working on learning and healing, I am now in SO much better physical and mental health, and I can do so much more.  Knowing that I can heal myself is the most empowering thing!


My "Aha" moment was when they talked about the bioavailability of magnesium. Since switching up my magnesium, I have noticed huge results and less laxative side effects. Their approach to health is unique and whole and very basic - eat more veggies, heal you gut, let our bodies do what they are capable of doing!