About the Digestion Restoration Workshop


Digestive issues are the new health epidemic and is the root cause to over HUNDREDS of health issues.

Digestive dysfunction can show up in your body in these ways:

☠ Bloat and Gassiness

☠ Indigestion

☠ Auto Immune Diseases

☠ Thyroid Dysfunction

☠ Chronic bowel issues

☠ Malabsorbtion

☠ No energy

☠ Brain Fog

☠ Anxiety and Depression

☠ Skin Disorders (Eczema and Psoriasis)

☠ Constipation and Diarrhea

☠ Hormonal Imbalances

☠ Increased Food Intolerances and Sensitivities

☠ Gallbladder and Pancreatic Dysfunction

9/10 people have digestive issues and antacids are one of the most prescribed drugs to date!

Unfortunately antacids bandaid digestive issues and, when taken long term, will make digestion even worse.

Did you know the gut is to the body what the roots system is to a tree. If the roots rot and die, the tree dies.

If the digestive tract it's unbalanced, inflamed and working below optimal then the rest of your body will be unbalanced, inflamed, working below optimal and severely malnourished.

So if you want to:

  • Feel your best self
  • Live your life filled with energy and joy instead of discomfort in your gut and your body
  • Eat the foods you used to enjoy without the stomach issues
  • Learn how to heal your specific gut issue
  • Optimize your digestion
  • Go to the root cause of your digestive issues
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What you get when you purchase the workshop

TOTAL VALUE = $2,150

If you are ready to become a self healing champion and learn what it takes to heal your digestive tract, make sure you take this course to heart.


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YES! Give me instant access to the Digestion Restoration Workshop!



Juanique Roney is a natural born healer. She was trained in neurostructural massage therapy in 2008 and soon after developed her own unique massage modality that gets results significantly faster. She is currently a Nutrition Therapy Master Student and has expanded her knowledge and abilities to include nutritional counseling and patient advocacy. Having healed herself of severe thyroid disease (Graves Disease) and helping her husband get through a Stage IV cancer diagnosis, she has become an expert in many areas of health. She is the owner of the Provo Health Clinic and the host of the Gutsy Health Podcast. You can find more free information on what she teaches on her Instagram @gutsy_mom.