Gina Worful

Gina Worful is a registered dietitian and master of human nutrition. After years of health struggles, Gina became passionate about teaching people how to know their body from the inside out. Her signature coaching program, Mastering Mindfulness, trains people to overcome cravings and get in control over food while her programs that use lab testing allows people to use their own biochemistry to personalize their health. Gina continues to teach her methods for conferences, international societies, academic institutions, and world renowned health centers. 

Programs: Mastering Mindfulness (coaching program for mindful eating & relationship to food / body) 

Know Your Numbers Lab Testing (tests nutrient levels & mitochondrial function)

Free Resources: 3-2-1 Nutrition Newsletter, free webinar on how nutrients impact metabolism

Philosophy: Gina believes that your health is not about being perfect, but about knowing and trusting your body to feel confident in using it to its fullest capacity.