Unpacking Death Through Life - Juanique's Story About Tristin's Life Transition

Uncategorized Sep 08, 2021

Episode 95: Gutsy Health Podcast 


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Show Summary: “If you can get to the heart, the universe will pour itself into you because the universe loves you. You just have to be open to receiving it.”


As most of you know, Tristin, Juanique's husband, life partner, best friend, the brains of Provo Health and Gutsy Health Podcast, passed away two weeks ago. And in this episode, Juanique shares how they turned a total-wrecked world into the most magnificent event in their lives.


When Tristin's cancer came back, it became a very dark and painful experience for them. Tristin was so traumatized that he kept all his wounds to himself and chose to suffer in silence. But Juanique figured that all the heavy emotions cancer had caused them should be addressed so they can heal.


Tristin underwent different therapies like Ketamine, Sanga & EMDR therapy to rewire the brain and help him deal with his battle. Juanique, who had been grieving from the very beginning, used techniques and tools throughout the past few months that helped her release her pain.


It had been a tough journey for Juanique and Tristin, but their choice to undergo mental and emotional healing made their situation exquisite. The overflowing love from their family and friends made his passing so peaceful and calm. The beautiful synchronicities made his memories & legacy so remarkable like he truly was. 


Exceptional Highlight:


  • You are not your body, you are the love that encompasses your body.
  • Death showed us that we are not our body and that we are not the things we cling to.
  • Love goes everywhere. There's nowhere where love can't go.


Show Highlights: 


How is Juanique’s story different from others?


Juanique 2:18


  • Tristin actually hasn't gone. I feel him every, every single day. And it's so amazing. Trust me, the first week, I could feel him so big as he passed. And when he passed, it was palpable you could feel the peace in the house. It was like his energy was being transmuted through me, and I could feel him around me and in me,


The night Tristin died


Juanique 09:58


  • It was around 9:45 PM, and I walked into the room. I checked Tristin and looked for his chest to see movement, and there was none. My friend Jalen,  a nurse, was in the room, and we locked eyes. And I said, "Tristin's not breathing."


What were the things Tristin and Juanique did for healing?


Juanique 29:14


  • He did Ketamine and Sanga therapy, and it was amazing. He also did EMDR therapy, and what it does is helps rewire your brain and move traumatic memories to a different part of your brain so that it doesn't have that emotional charge anymore.


The goose bumping beautiful synchronicities of Tristin's death


Juanique 53:14


  • He was really close with his sister Brittany. She said as she came to drive to her house the following day; as soon as she entered the canyon, she heard Tristin say to her, "I love you, sister. It was peaceful entering in. "


Books mentioned: 

Untethered soul

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die

Dying To Be Me

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