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S2E58 - Tapping Into Our Body’s Wisdom Through Medical Intuition

Feb 20, 2023


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“My body had grown a benign tumor. I had been reading Deepak Chopra’s ‘Quantum Healing’ about healing our bodies with our minds. When my doctor advised removal, I said, ‘Do you mind if I try to get rid of it with my mind?’. I went home and visualized scrubbing it away. In two weeks of doing that, the tumor shrunk by half. My doctor wigged out. That experience taught me what the mind-body connection is all about.”


There is no denying that science has made remarkable strides in helping us understand our bodies’ inner workings. However, despite this wealth of knowledge, we still struggle to grasp the complete picture of our health and wellness.


Missing pieces in our current healthcare system cannot be resolved by scientific knowledge, integrative functional medicine, and energy work alone. Enter medical intuition, which bridges the gap between science, heart, and soul.



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S2E54 - Feel Your Way To Heal

Jan 23, 2023


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Letting my body feel emotion because throughout this, I tried to not let myself feel it because it was so heavy. And she taught us to just let your body feel it to work through it. And I can feel my body starting to process everything and not hold on to it as a bad thing. This is just a part of my story. And that's okay and it's a beautiful thing. Yes, it's hard. But now that's a part of me.


Your body is your temple. And when it's functioning as expected, taking it for granted, ignoring its subtle signs for help, and altogether shoving its needs aside is a path all too easy to take. Until it gets ugly it catches your attention.


You may not know it yet but your body is doing its best to keep you alive. When you educate yourself and begin to grasp the depth of that sentence alone, you would definitely love and appreciate your body more.


Our guest, Taylor Herrera, is an expert of her own healing journey. After...

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