2nd Season's Pilot Episode

Uncategorized Jan 17, 2022
Show Summary: “Gutsy Health podcast is a place that brings you peace, light, and a frequency to self-healing.”


***This episode was recorded before 2021 ended.***


Finally! The second season of the Gutsy Health Podcast is out!


We know you waited for so long as we did. We all have been through extreme and painful experiences in the past years, but here we are, standing strong and healing together. Now we're back again with the upgraded version of the Gutsy Health podcast, where we live by our promise to give you a more fun learning experience with the experts in the holistic healing industry.


We make sure that we share with you the best of the best, including those who have successfully healed through the help of the Gutsy Health membership program. Our goal is to share not only the Science of it but also the real experiences of individuals who are now SELF-HEALING CHAMPIONS.


Join us and celebrate with us as we launch the Gutsy Health podcast season 2, where we connect more to you and continue the power of Tristin's memory, legacy & advocacy. Together, we'll create more global SELF-HEALING CHAMPIONS through uncomplicatedpractical & affordable wellness education Juanique and Gina have for you.


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3 Exceptional Highlights:

  • If you're in a state of fear, it creates wear and tear hormones.
  • We can't heal if we are in fight or flight. So we should create a space for our bodies to rest, digest, and recover, and it starts with the mind.
  • For the SELF-HEALING CHAMPIONS we have here, we'll blast your stories across the globe so we can inspire more people to heal from the inside out.

Show Highlights: 

What was Gutsy Health Episode 1 about?

Juanique 3:01

  • We spoke about Tristin’s cancer journey, how it all started and how we lost hope. But we never gave up. We did a lot of research to figure out Tristin’s healing, and we wanted to share it with people, and that’s also how it turned into a clinic.

The Gutsy Health goals

Juanique 12:21

  • We want the Gutsy Health podcast to be a way to embrace information that serves you and empowers you. We want to bring you healing, peace, and joy and give you light and frequency that will help you heal yourself, your family, your community, and the planet.


Juanique 19:27

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