Healing The Unhealable- Updating Childhood Beliefs That Made You Sick

Episode 96: Gutsy Health Podcast 


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Show Summary: “Our real work is to teach our kids to trust themselves.”


Human beings develop their belief systems and formulate how they see the world primarily by seven years old. That's why our upbringing greatly influences our perspectives in different life situations. Childhood experiences play a significant role in how we view things as an adult. 


Therefore, we must teach our kids and be with them as they process various emotions triggered by several events. We must show them how to trust themselves and be creative in communicating positive possibilities whenever they feel broken and sad. Be their guide and empower them with the view of curiosity so that you can train them to steer clear from limiting beliefs unconsciously.


Listen closely to this episode as Britt Lefkoe, an amazing business and personal development coach, shares multiple ways how to guide the heart and mind of a child as they grow old. Find out how she worked with Tristin and how she helped him shift his pain into happiness.


Exceptional Highlight:


  • Self trust comes in so many ways from the ability to see that we can figure out our own answers.
  • Once we trust ourselves, life becomes so much easier.
  • The mindset is the most important part of your healing.


Know more about Britt Lefkoe’s program:


Healing the Unhealable


This four part course will teach you the keys to unlocking your own health, so you are empowered to release your mind's attachment to being sick and develop a mindset that supports your healing.


“After seeing the impact my work had on Tristin, Juanique asked me to create a masterclass to help her clients experience the breakthroughs she watched Tristin have.” - Britt Lefkoe


In the past decade, research has changed our understanding of the mind-body connection. In contrast to past belief that we were mostly powerless over our bodies we have learned quite the opposite to be true. Countless studies have proven that both conscious and subconscious belief systems can create and heal disease within the body.


Healing The Unhealable will empower you to identify limiting beliefs that keep you in a cycle of being sick and teach you how to shift your mindset to create a healthy environment for your body to heal in.

What Will I Learn?


- Why being sick is self-protective and how it has served you

- How illness has been self-love in disguise

- How to use your mind to create the neurochemicals that heal your body

- What mindset is right for you to feel strong and empowered in a healthy body?


Is This For Me?


- You have felt frustrated, hopeless, or powerless around your ability to heal

- You have felt like healthcare providers have failed you or been unable to help you

- You are confused and need help and support around your healing

- You want to take control of your mind to create health and wellness for yourself




Week 1: Our attachment to being sick


Week 2: Healing happens in a healthy environment


Week 3: Neuroscience and repatterning to what we want


Week 4: Breakout Sessions and Integration 

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