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How To Heal Your Gut- The Gut Restoration Protocol

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Episode 68: Gutsy Health Podcast 



Show Summary: Many people have gut dysfunction because we live in a very harmful and antagonistic society towards our gut biome. What’s worse is some scientists say that it is totally fine when it’s not. Childhood allergies are one of the harmful effects, and it has now tripled, which is why we have to be cautious of what is detrimental to our health.

Other factors contributing to gut dysbiosis are stress, which increases inflammation and makes it a hostile environment for healthy bacteria to populate. Second is antibiotics and birth control. Third are the foods containing glyphosate, mostly found in bread, pasta, or processed food that uses wheat.

Learn some practical steps on how to start restoring your gut biome with Juanique, as she also discusses her top six list of most inflammatory foods on the planet. Find out what superfoods you can eat to feed the good bacteria and help them grow exponentially.

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3 Exceptional Highlights:

  • We need to have the good bacteria be the king of the castles, we need more of them, the bigger the army, the more damage control they can do.
  • Those born in the 90s I think are like five times more likely to get colon cancer in their 30s.
  • You're going to take your probiotic with food so that as it goes in and germinates its spores out. It should have food to eat because it wants to grow.

Show Highlights: 

What is the screening age for colon cancer now? 

Juanique 3:45

  • There were a lot of very triggered people, and I apologize, but it basically said that those born in the 90s I think are like five times more likely to get colon cancer in their 30s.

What is a healthy gut?

Juanique 9:38 

  •  A healthy gut has a nice strong lining epithelium lining so it's not broken down.

How does inflammation start?

Juanique 14:30

  • When we don't have enough healthy good bacteria to protect the mucous lining, the epithelial lining starts to break down. And when it breaks down with that mucosal lining starts to kind of dry up, and vaporize. 

What is rebalancing?

Juanique 21:32

  • Rebalance is stress management, yoga, exercising self-care, deep breathing, meditation. 

How to repair and repopulate?

Juanique 21:47

  • If you have insane gut dysbiosis if you potentially have cebo you might not want to start with this one. And I'll tell you why. Because there might be a lot of competition in your gut and it might make you more bloated and gassy. 

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