Ozone Healing with Dr. David Minkoff

Episode 63: Gutsy Health Podcast 


Show Summary: In this episode with Dr. David Minkoff, an alternative healthcare expert and the author of BodyHealth Fitness Newsletter and the Optimum Health Report, talks about his journey in starting his practice and clinic. He mentions how Jeffrey Bland, the father of Functional Medicine, inspired him to pursue his career and mission to help people heal from different illnesses.

He shares the possibilities of Prolozone and IV Ozone and how it makes a difference in many problems. It makes athletes run faster, makes sick people feel better, and helps get over their infections and fatigue. He says one special thing about it is the patient's response rate. Eighty percent of his patients who underwent four to six treatments due to chronic long-term back pain, knee pain, or neck problem had extreme pain relief.

Ozone can be used at home too. It clears the air of odors and viruses, and other types of particles. It also improves mitochondria which are the area in the cell where energy is made.

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3 Exceptional Highlights:

  • Ozone is good as a detoxifier, will tailor-bind with things and neutralize them
  • If the NAD is not ready to get an NADH, if the NADH is still stuck on there, it can't take a new particle to make energy. Ozone resets that so you see people get more energy and you see their brain and their kidneys and their livers function better because the cell can actually make energy better.
  • There are things in the body that shouldn't be there. And there are things missing from the body that should be there. And if you can figure out what those things are and restore them, then the physiology gets back to the way it's supposed to be.

Show Highlights: 

How did Dr. Minkoff start his practice and clinic?

1:58 Dr. Minkoff

  • When I finished medical school, I didn't know what I wanted to do. And I went to the University of Wisconsin, and I thought I would do a rotating internship.

How do they do Prolozone and what is the effect?

10:30 Dr. Minkoff

  • We did prolozone, which is injecting ozone into joints and soft tissue areas where there's pain. And we started putting it into bladders for people who have like interstitial cystitis bladder pain.

How do his patients respond to Ozone treatments?

13:18 Dr. Minkoff

  • In four to six treatments, 80% of the patients that I saw had extreme alleviation of their pain or no pain.

How does Ozone retain the good bacteria while killing the bad ones?

22:34 Dr. Minkoff

  • Our own cells have in the cell membrane, an enzyme which is called peroxidase. It is able to neutralize ozone. So if ozone comes in as a free radical, it's neutralized by the peroxidase.

If Ozone is a pollutant, why are we wanting to put it all over ourselves??

24:27 Dr. Minkoff

  • Well, it's not really pollutant, it actually helps with pollution. The ozone layer is actually a protectant.

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