Getting Through Infertility - A Gutsy Health Member's Real Life Story


Show Summary: “If you're dealing with infertility, you probably have some form of PTSD, and you got to take care of yourself. You got to see where your triggers are.”


In this episode, we're so happy to share with you the story of Katie Vaal, a member of the Gutsy Health Program who is now on her way to being a self-healing champion. Katie had infertility and the early signs started when she was young. When she had her first period, the bleeding didn't stop, and she thought it was normal. Together with her mom, they visited an OBGYN, and the solution given to her was to go on birth control to help regulate her period.


Katie was on birth control for 13 years. And when she got married, she decided to stop it, which prevented her from having a period, resulting in no pregnancy. But her journey started to shift when she got rid of all of the endocrine disruptors; chemically-based products. Through the help of the Just Ingredients podcast & Gutsy Health Program, she started to have her first proper period. And now, we're all looking forward to her having a baby in the future.


Tune in as she tells us how she made small steps daily to change her mindset, nutrition and even create radical but healthy boundaries in her life.  If you have family or friends struggling with infertility, give them hope by sharing this episode with them. 




3 Exceptional Highlights


  • Healing isn't just about food. It's not just about chemistry. It's about your perception of life.
  • The biggest thing with mindset is you have to keep moving and keep learning. Celebrate the wins and be proud of yourself.
  • You don't have to show up for everyone all the time. You just need to show up for YOU 100% of the time.


Show Highlights:


When did your healing journey start? 


Katie 14:00


  • That was around Christmas time when I hit my ultimate low. That was also the time when my sister recommended your podcast. I then started listening and made external changes in our house. I stopped using products that are chemically based and switched to brands like Force of Nature.


Infertility usually starts from childhood


Juanique 16:16


  • We want listeners to understand that if you have infertility, your problem didn't start when you had your period. It began in childhood, like early childhood, and exposure to chemicals & inflammatory foods messed up your hormonal balances.


What is Katie’s advice to listeners?


Katie 47:15


  • Go slow. Don't feel like you have to know all the answers right away. Believe that everything you're learning, you have it too.


Juanique 1:00:27

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