Raising Healthy Eaters with Healthy Boundaries

Uncategorized Jan 17, 2022

Show Summary: "You can't force children to eat anything, but you can choose what foods are being put in front of them."


Teaching children how to eat healthy food is a challenge for parents of every generation. And today, we are exposed to more and more junk food, making us lose our healthy boundaries with our kids. We succumb to whatever they want to eat, which leads to long-term ramifications, like getting sick or getting different kinds of autoimmune diseases at significantly younger ages. 


So today, we have Mariah Sage, a family coach who helps families set up systems that support their dynamics to create more ease and flow in the family unit. She helps families honor, navigate, and understand each other gently. Her goal is to help parents teach and train their children to make healthy food choices at the earliest age possible. 


Listen to the episode and discover how to make positive changes in our kids' food approach. Let's make them understand that we come from a place of love and connection, and let's show them that we respect their choices so they can proactively participate in being healthy eaters. 




Exceptional highlights:


  • Having clear boundaries with your kids is not the same as controlling them. 
  • Being wishy-washy about your children's food boundaries can create confusion and a lot of contention.  
  • We can show our love & understanding to our children by educating them about their food.


Show highlights:


What are some ground rules and boundaries that you think every single family in America and worldwide should have in their family dynamics?


Mariah 7:39


  • The first thing I would say is to try to get away from making different meals for different people.


How can you train your child to choose healthy food?


Mariah 10:05


  • I think it's really important for parents to know that it takes a lot of exposure to new foods before kids are willing to try them, like them and feel comfortable with them. 


What are your thoughts around boundaries with family dinners?


Mariah 17:53


  • It's really up to your values as a family or what feels important to you. 


  • You can ask them to sit and spend more time together at the dinner table, then work up to it gradually, and don't try to make an expectation that your kids go from running wild to sitting still.



Juanique 51:55

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