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- Attention! For those feeling more overwhelmed and confused with their health than ever -

Be a part of the Health Revolution: Empower Yourself with Knowledge - Change Your Health For Good

The Gutsy Academy is a groundbreaking, science-based health program that gives you clarity and a proven path to health.

Join the tribe of experts and other self healing advocates on their journey to health, just like you.

"Before the Academy, I had close to 20 physical symptoms that led me to feel the most discomfort I had ever felt in my own body. Gutsy changed my life within one year! one year!  After 28 years of abuse through food and other substances, I was able to get to a place where I feel the best I've ever felt in my life. Like real joy and peace." - Kristen P.

"I went to so many doctors: physicians, specialists, and even holistic practitioners. I had a list of symptoms, such as eczema, hair loss, extreme fatigue, anxiety, depression, bloating, constipation, chronic yeast infections, thyroid dysfunction, migraines, and weight gain.

Now, I have joy!! My blood sugar is better, migraines are rare, no more yeast infections, and my body is slowly releasing weight. And, my hair grew back and no more eczema! Mostly, I feel super empowered with knowledge about how the parts of my body functions and what I can do to support them." 

- Sarah W.

"Healing has never felt so possible, so achievable. I have no doubt that I’m just going to continue to heal in countless ways with the foundation I’ve been given through the Gutsy Health Academy."

- Kris F.

"As a mother it has felt so good to bring us all along and not just myself, I'm so grateful for what I'm learning and progressing in my live and my families lives. It's a game changer!" - DeAnn P.


The truth is, most people will live their entire lives feeling like health is a struggle.

They jump from program to program, doctor visit after doctor visit, spending thousands of dollars on programs and supplements, and feeling too overwhelmed to make any meaningful change. 

Life is busy, so it’s easy to miss the slight shifts that happen over time that normalize mediocre health. These shifts happen slowly, but with passing time, you move further and further away from the self that you once knew.

Then one day you find yourself slumped on the couch after a long day and wonder,

“What happened to that enthusiasm I used to have? Where did the energy to play with my kids go? What about my overflowing hormones that kept me feeling alive, loving and juicy? My naturally not-bloated tummy and the pep in my step is gone. Why do I always feel so exhausted and in a bad mood? My gut isn’t right, I can’t seem to lose weight and my brain fog is awful. How did I get here? Is this just….  my fate?”

Over and over, the answer is

Hell no, it’s not just your fate!

Well, it doesn't have to be.

But it’s going to take more than 15 minutes with your doctor or another 21 day challenge. If you want to truly fight for yourself you’re going to have to take your health into your own hands.

That's where we come in. We're Juanique Grover and Gina Worful and we are passionate about teaching people how they can be their own health advocates.

We were once really frustrated with our health too. We suffered from thyroid and hormone imbalances, mysterious gut issues, brain fog, extreme fatigue and health challenges that didn’t get any better with the help of our doctors. It wasn’t until we chose to get educated and discover for ourselves how the body works. When we finally made the decision to take our health into our hands our bodies began to heal.

Inspired by our own frustrations, we’ve dedicated our life’s work to sharing this information with people like you. People deserve and have the right to know that with the right information, true health and healing is possible.

We believe that knowledge is in empowerment and health does not come from passively waiting to be saved. We believe one must be an active participant in their journey.

Why Most People Feel Overwhelmed and Stuck

Most programs chase symptoms without addressing the root of the health issue. This is why people get trapped doing expensive and time consuming protocols, supplement regimens, and often medications that cost a lot of money with little meaningful progress.

In our health practice we see client after client feeling unsupported by their practitioner, overwhelmed with what to do, and vulnerable without the knowledge to do something about it.

We are determined to change the current co-dependent health crisis.

Claim Your Power Back

We created The Order of Healing to address health from the root, instead of attempting to put a bandaid on symptoms.

Our students, who like us all, chased symptoms for years are seeing noticeable improvements within weeks of starting the program. 

The Order of Healing is the core teaching at the Gutsy Health Academy. The Academy is a place where people can confidently learn about their body and health. We spent tens of thousands of dollars on training and education so that you don't have to.

"I feel so aware of everything whether it’s food or toxins and I know what to look for and am so much more aware of everything around me and I’m learning so much then I even realized! "

- Taylor H.


The Gutsy Health Academy

A Formula For Success

Order of Healing Trainings

The Order of Healing Roadmap arms you with the education to know your body inside - out. Each step is founded in science with practical strategies. 

Weekly Group Calls

This is where you get intimate support with your health experts to get personal support along the journey.  Live calls are every Wednesday at 5pm PT / 6pm MT / 7pm CT / 8pm ET. Recordings are available every week. 

Private Community

Why go at it alone when you can be with a tribe who is on the same path as you? We found those who have a community to grow with are more committed and have way more fun!

After taking this course

You will have the knowledge to...

  • Confidently know which foods are actually healthy vs. those that are not
  • Create energy naturally and improve metabolism 
  • Take care of your gut that may be causing bloating, gas, mysterious IBS, or discomfort after eating your favorite foods
  • Support your body's detoxification to reduce inflammation and toxin load
  • Nurture your adrenals for longevity
  • Support hormone balance so you can get your spark back 
  • Clear brain fog so you can show up at your best

"Man, I just want people to know it's so cool to have these tools and information and know that they can learn them and then find the wisdom of their own body to guide them to healing. I get to have this knowledge and then ask my body how it wants to utilize it.

It's so beautiful. The connect between mind, body and spirit on the healing journey is beautiful. and these tools are supports I will use for the rest of my life." - Kristen P.


Life Changing Stories From Students

Here's What You're Going To Get

Gutsy Health Academy

Schedule Overview

Step 1


Click the enrollment button and follow the checkout steps. Once enrollment closes, we will not be accepting students until 2024.


Prepare with Your Bonus Materials

Dive into the Foundations of Food and Mind Body Soul Bonus Material during April and May to prepare for the course to begin in June. 


Course begins

The Order of Healing course is June 1 - November 30. Each month will be a new module. Live calls are held every Wednesday at 6pm MT.  All classes are recorded.

Gutsy Health Academy



Foundations of Food

The BONUS Foundations of Food that will prepare you to confidently navigate grocery shopping and choosing nourishing, gut healing foods.


Mindset: Mind, Body, Soul Course

Recognizing that we can be our own biggest obstacle, we work to overcome self-limiting beliefs about our abilities and worthiness. This empowers us to avoid self-sabotage and confidently pursue our goals.



First,  let's optimize cellular function to maximize energy production, starting with mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell, for optimal energy generation.



We know that the gut is the root of health so next we make sure your gut is in tip top shape - no more bloating, IBS, or constipation.

August: MODULE 3


Next, we support the body's toxin clean up with detoxification to reduce inflammation and cellular damage.

September: MODULE 4


Support adrenals and manage stress hormones for balanced energy, promoting longevity and vitality while ensuring overall well-being and sustainable performance.



And then we move to rebalancing hormones so you feel vibrant, juicy, and your metabolism is working at its best.



And finally, we can't forget about the brain. Clearing away the fog and keeping it in peak performance.

Meet Your Team

Juanique Grover

As a passionate advocate for holistic health with over a decade of experience, I've honed a unique approach that yields swift results. My personal journey of overcoming severe thyroid disease and supporting my husband through Stage IV cancer has shaped me into a versatile expert in various facets of health.

Beyond holistic health, I've delved into nutritional counseling and patient advocacy, emphasizing the importance of addressing root causes and empowering individuals to reclaim control over their well-being. My methodology revolves around the mind-body connection, offering personalized strategies crafted to suit your individual needs.

Gina Worful

As a registered dietitian and master of human nutrition, I'm deeply passionate about guiding people to understand their bodies from within.

Through my coaching program, Mastering Mindfulness, I empower individuals to overcome cravings and regain control over their relationship with food. I also offer lab testing programs to personalize health insights.

Sharing my expertise, I teach at conferences, academic institutions, and health centers globally.

The Late

Tristin Roney

Tristin is the driving force and spirit guide for the tribe. Tristin's diagnosis of stage IV cancer fueled the last years of his life to educate and advocate for other's health and healing. 

You can still experience Tristin's brilliance weaved throughout the program and on the Gutsy Health Podcast. 

We often find Tristin showing up in rainbows to remind us that he's still around!

Why Us?

Because this is a passion project rooted in honoring the memory of Tristin Roney who inspired this project to begin with. When he was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, he and Juanique felt lost, hopeless, scared and overwhelmed on their journey before they became health experts. And we know we aren’t alone in that feeling. We swore that we would take on this mission so people don't have to feel alone and helpless as we did. We want everyone to feel empowered over  their healing journey. We want everyone to feel confident that that too can heal themselves. 

Our mission is to empower you with the knowledge to understand YOUR body so you can forever make the best decisions for you and your family - whether you’re with us or not. We want to educate you FOR LIFE! We want you to stroll into your doctor’s office feeling confident that you are working TOGETHER on your health because you understand your health. Your doctor should be your teammate, not leading you in the dark.

And we do understand that not everyone wants to learn about their health. Some would rather just trust the answers being handed to them and hope for the best. If that’s you… this probably isn’t the right program. 

But if you’re one of the rare gems that feels the tingle in their heart and the whisper in their soul that says, “This is just not my fate.”  Then you are in the right place!

Expert Guest Teachers

Britt Lefkoe

Expert Belief Coach.  

My work is focused on identifying and shifting the underlying beliefs, thoughts, and feelings that are typically buried underneath layers of achieving, accomplishments, and pushing through.

Britt will kick off the academy by helping us find our limiting beliefs and rewiring them.  This helps you break through personal mindset limitations that have kept you stuck in the past. 

Learn More →

Kristi Worful

Transformation Coach

Kristi is the founder of SANGA - The School of Transformational Arts and Sciences.

In the academy she will connect us to our soul to find deeper meaning in our own unique experience. 

Learn More →

Kelly Clark, RDN

Culinary Expert

Kelly is a Registered Dietitian with decades of experience, and also a busy mom! Kelly teaches our students how to cook healthy and delicious meals, even for busy moms!

Kelly gives our students live cooking demos and teaches the ins and outs of finding clean - non-toxic cookware and the strategies behind cooking for optimal health. 

Learn More →

What does it mean to be "Gutsy?"

The Gutsy Health tribe is made up of our fighters and truth seekers who won’t just put all of their family’s health into the faith of a quick doctor’s visit or a generic one-size fits all health program.

The members of our tribe are determined to understand their body and take charge or their health because they believe that there is nothing more important than having the health to show up fully in their life, without limitations. 

They know that sacrificing their health by putting themselves on the back burner for others is pouring from an empty cup and when they care for their own body they can show up bigger for those they love.

They are inspired to love their children through leading by example of not just accepting a life of struggle but to honor, love, and nurture the body they are in.

They don’t passively wait for the medical system to save them but know that with the right information they are willing and inspired to seek the truth and take their health into their own hands. 

So if you’re feelin’ a little Gutsy and aligned with our vibe…

We would love for you to join and be a part of our tribe! 

- Juanique and Gina

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