Heal Your Mitochondria to Heal Your Body

#body #stress mitochondria Oct 14, 2020

Episode 62: Gutsy Health Podcast 


Show Summary: In this episode, Tristin and Juanique discuss the importance of mitochondria, how to make sure that it’s optimally functioning and what destroys and enhances it. All the other treatments and things you do can even make you worse if you don’t pay attention.

They mentioned that a holistic approach is more exponential and beneficial to your health than working out for two hours a day for seven days a week. Extreme workout can destroy your mitochondrial function because our bodies are not designed to carry so much work and stress.

Connecting with nature helps us heal and improves our body function even more. Seeing the sunrise has a physiological effect on our bodies because it stimulates melatonin production, which is very anti-inflammatory and helps boost the immune system, brain function, sleep, and neurological regulation.

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3 Exceptional Highlights:

  • Heart rate variability is very closely tied to your mitochondrial function.
  • If the heart is struggling, everything else is struggling.
  • Our health is dependent on our ability to connect with nature.

Show Highlights: 

Is working out helpful to our body?

8:29 Juanique

  • How many people listening here are just hitting the gym two hours a day, like seven days a week? They're thinking, What is gonna make me healthy? And then they're sicker, their hormones get worse, they keep gaining weight.

Why do we need to get back to what our species evolved to do?

10:10 Tristin

  • We need to get back to what our species evolved to do. And the further we get away from what our ancestors did, and the environment they lived in, the sicker we get.

What is a normal stress response cycle and sympathetic state?

17:25 Tristin

  • Why zebras don't get ulcers. Zebras, if you think about it, they live a very stressful life. They're constantly on the hunt for food, looking for water, oh, and the water is filled with crocodiles that want to eat them.

The Evolution of Mitochondria

21:35 Juanique

  • I want to talk about the evolution of the mitochondria for a second. Sure, it is theorized by scientists that the mitochondria was the first part of the cell to ever be like to ever be, actually because it is morphed from bacteria.

The Earth heals us

30:02 Tristin

  • We need positive and negative charge, they need to be balanced. And one of the ways that the human body has traditionally accomplished that is through contact with the Earth.

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