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Episode 61: Gutsy Health Podcast 


Show Summary: In this episode, Dr. Anna Cabeca, the Girlfriend Doctor, a certified gynecologist and the author of the books The Hormone Fix and Keto-Green 16, tells us about how we can empower our hormones and restore its balance naturally.

At the age of thirty-nine, she was diagnosed with permanent irreversible infertility and early menopause & she was told she’d never be able to have another child. It made her feel the massive devastation many couples experience because of the inability to produce offspring. But it motivated her to pursue functional medicine, and now through her knowledge and expertise, she had amazingly helped hundreds of women get pregnant.

She mentioned that just by cleaning up the diet, taking out the sugar, the endocrine disrupters, the preservatives, and eating organic foods create a vast difference in our lives and make us feel ninety percent better.

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3 Exceptional Highlights:

  • We know vitamin D matters, the higher the vitamin D, the lower your risk of breast cancer, right, the higher your vitamin D, the lower risk of breast cancer recurrence.
  • The pharmaceutical companies fund our medical education. So we're given the best latest chemical, the best latest surgical technique or device and that doesn't address the, it's not getting to the root cause it's not root cause medicine so thankfully with the strength and growing awareness of functional medicine, consumers are demanding.
  • Girls starting birth control pills before the age 16 have a significantly increased risk of breast cancer.

Show Highlights: 

What kind or trauma did Dr. Anna experience in life?

7:19 Dr. Anna

  • In 2006, we lost our son, in a tragic accident, he was only 18 months. And that's when, from you know, just devastation I mean, when I talk about devastation upon devastation.

Birth control increases the odds of breast cancer by 40%

17:48 Juanique

  • I remember reading back in the day, when I was reading about all the notes on cancer summits and stuff that research was coming up that birth control would increase your odds of breast cancer by 40%. And I'm like, Why are doctors not telling us this?

What kind of Keto is clean?

22:46 Dr. Anna

  • There's a healthy way to do keto. There's keto clean, and there's keto dirty. So Keto Green is keto clean. And what I found out as I hit my second menopause, let's say at 48 I'm really struggling I dove down into another deep well, and you know, the brain fog the weight gain without doing anything different..

Do you have to count your carbs from vegetables and leafy greens if you do Keto-Green?

29:46 Dr. Anna

  • Now the key thing is TESTING NOT GUESSING. So checking urine PH and ketones is the way I start clients. You know, you can definitely do blood ketones but getting started

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