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Mindset, Healing and Identity with Aubrey Taylor

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Episode 64: Gutsy Health Podcast 


Show Summary: In this episode, Aubrey Taylor, one of Provo Health's wellness coaches, shares education and hacks on how to get rid of the toxins; The negative tapes that tell you you're not worthy of healing. She teaches proven and effective ways on how to penetrate your subconscious mind.

She mentions how important it is to go through Metanoia, changing one's mind, heart, and self. It's a way to release limiting beliefs and adopt ones that will serve your growth better so you can align your conscious mind with your soul to remove your old and toxic mindset.

Aubrey says that the growth mindset should overcome the fixed mindset, which stops you from getting outside your comfort zone. A growth mindset allows your body to create four million different versions of yourself, which can significantly contribute to your healing.

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3 Exceptional Highlights:

  • Our minds need to be in alignment for these beautiful bodies to flourish with.
  • We are just prisoners in these negative tapes that hinder our progress and our ability to heal.
  • You can combine the exercise and the affirmations together, while listening to good uplifting music rather than dirty rap music.

Show Highlights: 

Affirmation From Aubrey Taylor

"Dear body, I love you.

I love myself and I am worthy of love and healing.

I nourish my body with healing foods and lifestyle choices and it responds with health, strength, vitality, and healthy gene expression.

Every cell in my body vibrates with energy and health and is in communication with all other cells.

With every exhale, I release stress and disease. With every inhale, I channel connection, love, and health to every cell.

All of my body’s systems and organs function perfectly.

My body communicates with me and I pay attention and give my body what it needs.

I am a daughter of God who has entrusted me with this earthly body as a temple for my soul.

I am worthy of healing and thriving, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

I release and forgive whatever part of my past brought me to this point. My body is divinely designed to heal, and I invite that divinity within me to take the reins."

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