Understanding Quantum Physics and How it Relates to Health and Self Love

 Atoms, molecules, organelles, cells, tissues, organs, organisms (us). That is how the building blocks of life are ordered. 

But we need to understand the most fundamental building block, the atom, in order to understand everything else that is constructed from them. 

The Newtonian diagram of an atom and what reality is are two completely different things. 

And any honest scientist would tell you that we still aren’t entirely sure what the atom looks like. Multiple models are used depending on what scientists are trying to measure. 

However, I want to bring some understanding to the scale of an atom for you and show you how atoms are actually mostly empty space.

Imagine a professional football field/stadium and in the center a grain of rice. Now imagine 5 or so grains of sand rotating around the outside of football stadium. That is a more accurate scale of what an atom consists of. Empty space...mostly empty space. 

But how can this be? How can mostly empty space make up tangible matter?

This is how: Imagine a thin rope, about a foot long, held in your hand. All you see is a thin rope. Well you can turn that thin rope into a much larger looking object. This is how:  imagine your hand holding one end of the rope and swinging the other end in a circle very very fast. What do you see? A string or a round shape? You see a round shape, a larger round shape. 

Or easier yet, do you remember the cartoon character Sonic the Hedgehog who runs very fast that his legs no longer look like legs but a large circle?

Well This is exactly how atoms work! Infinite amounts of atoms with electrons moving so fast in space that they give the appearance of a shape. Then to top it off, these countless atoms perfectly synchronize to create molecules then cells and tissues! Does that not sound completely insane and impossible? And yet it’s the very essence of existence! 

Amazing, isn't it? We are made up of tiny particles moving through space so fast that they form “things” bigger than they really are!

Now, think for a minute, those grains of sand circling that stadium so fast that it’s giving the appearance of something much bigger than it actually is, like the thin rope being swung in a circle or Sonic's legs! The energy and charge those tiny molecules emit as they move through space at speeds we can't comprehend, it’s miraculous!

This is the essence of all creation. Frequency, energy! Energy making matter. 

Now let's go back to our stadium example and talk about the grains of sand that are circling our stadium at speeds we don’t understand. Are those electrons, (aka: grains of sand), are they waves or particles? Is that sand a material “thing” or a wave created by energy? 

Not sure what I’m asking? Here’s a video link that will explain this to you! Click the image below to watch.

Scientist found that electrons can be BOTH a wave and a particle depending on the observer! Impossible and yet physicists confirm this over and over. The most basic building blocks of all that exists can change its state according to its environment... almost like magic! 

And yet it’s not magic, it's physics! Tried and tested. We don’t fully understand the hows and whys behind these characteristics yet but, as living breathing beings, we need to respect that these miraculous characteristics are at the core of who we are.

Our environment, what we allow ourselves to be exposed to, changes who we are and how everything reacts within us all the way down to the atomic level! in fact, Dr  Masaru Emoto happened upon this phenomenon when he exposed water to different words before crystallizing it and taking photos of the water samples under a microscope. Below is a sample of some of those words and the structures of the water that ensued:

So if water exposed to words can completely change its shape, and if we, as human beings, are 70% water, just how much do you think others' words, even our own words and thoughts towards ourselves, affect us?

Let's recap a little:

we know that atoms change according to their environments and we also know that, in turn, molecules and cells respond to their environments, but how is that applicable to our lives? What does that mean to us?

When we enmesh ourselves in toxic thought patterns and environments, our most basic building blocks shift and change for better or worse. For many decades, even centuries, philosophers and doctors and scientists have discovered how mental well being affects the body physically, but only in the last half of this century are scientists figuring out the “how” of these phenomenons (as I've just tried to explain). We don’t have all the answers yet, but what we already know and what we are discovering is that severe self neglect is at the core of a lot of our dis-ease.

So why is this important to you? Because perception is EVERYTHING! Stress is everything! Your internal and external environment is EVERYTHING! You can’t embark on a healing journey without taking into account these things!

There’s an old Chinese medicine saying that expresses this:

“I’d rather eat the wrong thing with the right attitude than eat the right thing with the wrong attitude”

So you see, friends, a true healing protocol shouldn’t just nurture the body, but also the mind because your body and mind have always needed to be connected in order to function efficiently. You’re not just a physical being but an energetic one. 

Healing was always meant to be holistic.

So as I leave you with these thoughts, I want to share with you something that helped my mental health when I felt like I had hit rock bottom.

I found a video of affirmations that I listened to DAILY. I listened to these affirmations so much that they became almost like a prayer for me. Then they started to become subconscious. And when I often found myself triggered by some thought process that was harmful and damaging I would quickly go back to these affirmations to help get my head in a healthy space again.

Click the image for the video.

I hope these affirmations serve you as much as they did me. I hope they can help you rewrite your subconscious messages you tell yourself daily that don’t serve you. And lastly, I hope that you can give yourself the gift of fully accepting and loving who you are, here and now. Because you deserve it. 

To your health, always. 



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