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Keep It Simple & Let's Go Back To Basic with Ryan Blaser

Feb 14, 2022

Show Summary: "Healing doesn't happen overnight. And the stress around your Healing could be more detrimental than the toxins that you're exposing yourself to."


Contrary to popular belief, maintaining good health habits is not as expensive as you think. We have to keep things simple, and we just have to go back to basics. 


So for this episode, we have our frequent flier once again, Ryan Blaser of Test my Home, discuss the different life aspects that we should always keep in check for us to stay in good shape. Holistic Healing is not just about exercise and food; it also includes the environment and mindset.


We do not have to follow complicated procedures to be healthy, and we just have to learn essential habits. We do not have to pressure ourselves into doing things that are hard for us to accomplish. We have to be comfortable with our bodies, love what we do, and always choose joy. 


Listen to our sharing as good friends and pick...

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Understanding Quantum Physics and How it Relates to Health and Self Love

Jul 29, 2019

 Atoms, molecules, organelles, cells, tissues, organs, organisms (us). That is how the building blocks of life are ordered. 

But we need to understand the most fundamental building block, the atom, in order to understand everything else that is constructed from them. 

The Newtonian diagram of an atom and what reality is are two completely different things. 

And any honest scientist would tell you that we still aren’t entirely sure what the atom looks like. Multiple models are used depending on what scientists are trying to measure. 

However, I want to bring some understanding to the scale of an atom for you and show you how atoms are actually mostly empty space.

Imagine a professional football field/stadium and in the center a grain of rice. Now imagine 5 or so grains of sand rotating around the outside of football stadium. That is a more accurate scale of what an atom consists of. Empty space...mostly empty space. 

But how can this be? How can...

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